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Wedding Edition: Frugal Flowers

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Montpelier, Vermont - April 13, 2009

What's a wedding, without flowers!?

"Flowers are the accent; the finishing touch to the occasion," explains Janice DeGoosh, a florist at the Pink Shutter in Montpelier.

And you can find flower deals.

"It doesn't have to be expensive and break a budget," DeGoosh says.

DeGoosh says when picking the flowers you want at your wedding, pay attention to WHEN the ceremony will take place.

For example, if you're planning a June wedding consider peonies; they're in season.

"If you get them when they will be locally grown in Vermont you can get them for five dollars a stem," she says.

If you buy peonies in August you'll pay three times as much-- $15 a stem. They have to be shipped in. So, cut costs by buying flowers that are locally grown in season.

DeGoosh says, "It doesn't have to be big to have something beautiful. It doesn't have to be expensive."

Going simple is in style and it can also save you cash. DeGoosh says roses in the summer or tulips in the spring add classic elegance to a wedding, and are typically a good buy. The flowers are bigger and hold up well.

"They are a flower that you can put just a few into a vase without extra filler," she explains.

And speaking of vases...

"This is another way for you as a couple to save a bit of money at your wedding," advises Krista Washburn, a wedding expert with Vermont Vows magazine.

One person's trash is another person's treasure.

"You can bring your own containers. You can give them to your floral designer and have them fill the flowers for you," Washburn says.

Washburn says more brides and grooms are hitting yard sales looking for unique vases for table centerpieces. Or raid your mother or grandmother's attic to find perfect pots. They're cheap-- or even better-- they're free!

"Unique containers like these don't take a lot. They have legs of their own," Washburn says. "And they make a statement on their own so you can use less flowers in something like this."

Other ways to save-- if you don't find enough pots, rent them instead of buying them. And use the bridal bouquets as décor on the head table at the reception.

And with flower farms and farmers markets, you can even fill them yourself to save. Buy the buds, put them in water and keep them refrigerated.

"Flowers need to be fresh and done a day or two in advance of the wedding," Washburn explains.

Wedding flowers that are simple, stylish and save you money.

Darren Perron - WCAX News

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