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Consumer spending on electronics expected to rise

Williston, Vermont - October 27, 2010


While overall holiday spending is projected to drop this year. Consumer spending on electronics is expected to grow. Melinda Davenport reports.

Mike Sturges/Shoppers: "Planning on about maybe $2500-3000 in that range.

Melinda Davenport: How much of that is going towards electronics?

Sturges: Probably half of it. At least a third of it this year."

According to a recently released report by an industry consumer electronics association, electronic goods will once again be one of the hottest gift giving ideas.

Melinda Davenport: "On average, Americans will spend about $750 on holiday shopping this year, and more than a third of that will go to consumer electronics. Here in Vermont, Best Buy is crawling with people who are willing to spend big bucks on big gifts.

Cara Corneau/Shopper: "I would say about half of what I'm spending is going to electronics."

Consumers are projected to spend around $232 on electronics which is at the highest level since analysts started tracking holiday spending.

Barbara Edson/Shopper: "I'm amazed they are spending that much money on gifts."

Davenport: "Some feel that spending that much on electronics is a luxury instead of a necessity."

Barbara Edson/Shopper: "Maybe they are not taking vacations, maybe they're getting a nice fabulous flat screen plasma or LCD TV."

Mike Sturges/Shoppers: "We're thinking about getting a new TV to replace our tube TV and home theatre which is, we don't really have one. Prices have really come down this year. The prices were better than I thought."

Davenport: "Which several Vermonters we spoke with are interested in, especially during Black Friday when some say, the best deals are to be had. Experts say, the prices are coming down."

Brian Shedd/Best Buy: "Traditionally when they're newer, the cost is generally higher. And, over time, they continue to drop."

Davenport: "The Apple iPad and laptop computers top the list as the "most-wanted", the iPad will run you close to 500 bucks."

Mike Sturges/Shopper: "I'm a personal mac ipad user, bought my ipad, love it. I might buy one for my daughters. That kind of stuff."

Cara Corneau/Shopper: "I'd steer probably more towards the videos, the entertainment, movies, games, and things like that."


Melinda Davenport - WCAX News

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