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The art of bagging groceries

Burlington, Vermont - February 11, 2011

"Krystal is quick," said Andy Willette of Hannaford supermarkets. "She has got some passion for it. She is very fast."

Just try to keep up with Krystal Smith.

"I think I am really fast," Smith said. "I think I have good balance and I really kicked butt in the states, so I really have a really good chance."

Bagging bragging rights for Vermont's best when it comes bagging groceries. This Hannaford associate is headed to Las Vegas to compete against 24 others at the United States Best Bagger National Championship.

"You have to make sure your produce is in one bag, your boxes are in another and weight; not too heavy in one bag and too light in another," Smith explained.

Shoppers are also picky about their bags. Some bring their own, some like plastic, others prefer paper.

"People like paper bags because they use it for recycling and that is easy as well but they tend to rip a little bit, kind of get wet," Smith said.

The customer is key. Baggers should never leave the shopper waiting after they have spent a good chunk of cash.

"We realize how much folks spend in our store and we want to make sure they are packed well," Willette said.

"The whole thing about being a bagger is when the cashier is done ringing in the groceries you should be done bagging the groceries," Smith said.

A packing pledge from Vermont's best bagger.

The big competition begins Monday at 3 p.m. in Las Vegas.

Anson Tebbetts - WCAX News

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