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New archaeology handbook on Vermont's Native Americans

Burlington, Vermont – April 7, 2011

Sometimes progress can lead people to look to the past. That was the case when the Vermont Electric Power Company decided to upgrade power lines along Western Vermont. Before the Northwest Reliability Project started, VELCO funded research on an archaeology project, as part of the permit process, to find out what was in the soil before it got disturbed by the company's big project.

John Crock, an assistant professor with University of Vermont's Anthropology Department, helped work on that research and with editing a book that includes many of the findings called, "A Powerful History: The Archaeology of Native People in the Champlain Lowlands."

Crock said of the findings during the research period of the construction areas, "We found an incredible array of material. A lot of Native American sites dating back to the full human history of Vermont, way back 12,500 years ago, when Lake Champlain was a saltwater ocean called the Champlain Sea."

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