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Condom Found in Hamburger

Fair Haven, Vermont - December 7, 2007

A Fair Haven man is suing the company that owns Rutland's Burger King, claiming he found a condom in his burger. Van Miguel Hartless, 24, says he visited the restaurant last June. The condom was underneath a slice of lettuce in his Burger King's Southwest Whopper.

"It was just disgusting. 'It's gross is putting it mildly," said Hartless.

Hartless says he doesn't know why anyone would put a condom in his burger, but admits he did have an argument with an employee at the restaurant about the toppings on his burger.

Hartless is now suing the company that owns the restaurant. In the lawsuit, his lawyer says the burger has caused Hartless pain, suffering, nightmares, distress, and medical expenses.

"It sounds silly now, but I'd be doing something in my dream and whatever I was holding and whatever I was doing would either turn into a condom or a burger," said Hartless.

Hartless was tested for HIV and STDs and those tests came back negative. He says he also submitted to a polygraph test which he passed.

"From the beginning it was never about money. I made that very clear. All I wanted was if I contracted something I wanted them responsible for it," said Hartless.

But he is now seeking unspecified damages because he says Burger King continues to deny any wrongdoing, aside from a letter telling him the company is sorry he had an unpleasant experience. A manager at the Rutland Burger King declined to comment, and Carrolls Corporation, the company that owns the restaurant, did not return our calls.

Keagan Harsha - WCAX News

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