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Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

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Pottersville, New York - July 17, 2008

"We get everybody outfitted in these outfits with knee pads, elbow pads, lights," explained Greg Beckler of Natural Stone Bridge and Caves.

It may look like these thrill seekers are headed to the moon, but they're actually suiting up to explore planet Earth.

"We're going to go down underneath and explore," said Beckler.

This is the adventure tour at Natural Stone Bridge and Caves.

"You may want to use your hands," Beckler advised. "We're going to make our way down these rocks."

One of the dirtiest, tightest, and wildest adventures around.

"They just have so much fun, because it's something that they've probably never done anything like this before," said Beckler.

The adventure tour begins with a trip beneath the natural stone bridge-- the largest marble cave entrance in the entire Eastern United States.

But you can quickly kiss the spacious entrance goodbye...

"Are you guys ready to do a cave crawl now?" asked Beckler. "We crawl up through a tight spot like this and it opens up into a nice barrel... part of the older cave system."

The barrel is one of the tightest spots on the tour.

If dark, tight places make you sweat, noisy cave is the perfect place to chill your fears.

"We go to the back of the waterfalls and we go right into the waterfalls and pop out on the river on the opposite side," explained Beckler.

"Through the waterfall was great. That was just a lot of fun. That's totally unlike anything I've ever done before," enthused participant Matt Kauffman.

And from there, it's back underground via Kelly's slide.

"If they're seriously claustrophobic and can't stand small spaces, you wouldn't have fun," warned participant Rachel Barron.

But that's not the end of the tour. One last adventure remains. And for most-- it's the highlight of the tour-- a swim through Echo and Garnet caves to breathtaking Artist's Gorge.

"Getting to float down through this tunnel and then coming out from under this dark cave into this wide open creek bed. It's really cool," said Kauffman.

"Look at the marble and how it was worn away. Every time I come down here it's just so beautiful," said Beckler.

A one of a kind tour-- just beyond your back door.

The adventure tour costs $60 a person and lasts about four hours. You can also explore the caves without crawling or swimming through them on a much less strenuous, self-guided tour.

Click here for more information on the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves and visiting the Pottersville-Ticonderoga, N.Y. area.

Keagan Harsha - WCAX News

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