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Summer On The Lake-Echo Lake & Lake Rescue

There are just a few days left before Labor Day, and many of us our savoring the late summer days. We went out to explore another lake, this time, in southern Vermont.

Cruising down Rt 100 in Windsor County, you begin to notice lakes. Lots of beautiful lakes. Amherst and Echo lakes are in Plymouth, and Lake Rescue is actually in Ludlow. Squeezed in between Plymouth and Ludlow, is the tiny hamlet of Tyson, which is also the home of the Tyson Village Store, and Snack Shack. It's right in the middle of everything, so we stopped in to ask Tom Village, the owner of the store and snack bar, to tell us about the area.

" Lake Rescue is probably the most populated, with cottages, and then there is Echo Lake, which is the next one, which has Plymouth State Park, has a nice little beach there, and then Amherst is the next lake up here, ..Excellent fishing..."

Locals here, know they have alot to offer out of town visitors.

"I tell them there's everything to do, there's lots for the kids, lots for the adults, especially in the summer time. Of course we have the ski industry in the winter, and in the summer you've got fishing, camping, hiking....."

We headed off around Lake Rescue, and found many people trying to squeeze in as much late summer fun as possible, ...From good old fashioned rope swings, .....To kayaking, and boating....just soaking in the warmth of the late August sun.

Along the eastern shore of Echo Lake, we found Camp Plymouth State Park, ...And it was jamming with beach goers and picnickers. Ranger Chris Saylor explained how Echo Lake got it's name.

"So if you want to hear the echo, ...You just come down here and face the mountain up here and give a big yell...HELLO! "


There are just a few days left before Labor Day, ...When this park will close for the season.

"Everyone is trying to get their last day in at the park. There's a little urgency in everybody getting to the park, especially after the weather we've had this year."

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