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Maitland Still Missing

Montgomery, Vermont - March 18, 2005

One year later, people here in Franklin County have not forgotten Brianna Maitland. Her missing poster is faded. And still no clue to her fate. Keally LaCross is Brianna's close friend. She's afraid she may never have a chance to renew that friendship.

"I got into an argument with her and I really regret everything that happened between us. I really wish she was here today," says LaCross.

Tomorrow, family and friends of Brianna Maitland will walk the route that she drove the night she disappeared, from the Black Lantern where she worked, down the road about a mile to where one of the few clues in her disappearance was found.

Maitland's 1985 Oldsmobile was found backed into the end of an abandoned house on Route 118. Police say forensic testing revealed no evidence of what happened to Maitland. Investigators from several Vermont law enforcement agencies and the FBI met today to discuss the case.

Vermont State Police lieutenant Tom Nelson says it's still a missing person investigation in spite of allegations that Maitland had associated with known drug dealers.

"Unfortunately, there is not a concrete answer at this time," says Nelson. "There was information coming in that she may have been involved in drug activity, and we said back months ago that we don't have a scope as to what that means. And we don't today. We're not going to say that she was involved in illegal drug activity."

With the Maitland case at an apparent impasse, the community is left looking for answers. Maitland's friend says she's taking her own advice.

"To be careful, not to be out late at night alone. Nobody knew where she was going, really. She was supposed to be going to Julian's house, a friend of ours. She never went home... Her checks were found in her car... It's really scary," says LaCross.

"There are times we should be a little more aware of what's going on with our kids, be a little more involved, find out what's going on in their lives. Maybe some of this could be prevented," says Rob Barnard of the Snow Shoe Lodge & Pub.

Police are hoping that someone with relevant, factual and good information will come forward, and help solve the disappearance of Brianna Maitland.

The walk for Brianna Maitland begins at the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery tomorrow morning at 11:20. That's the hour on the clock that Brianna Maitland left work the night of March 19, 2004 -- and has not been seen since.

Andy Potter - Channel 3 News

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