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Arrest in Patricia Scoville Murder

Hyde Park, Vermont - March 31, 2005

Ann and David Scoville were in the front row when 59-year-old Howard Godfrey was brought in under heavy security too be charged with killing their daughter.

It was day that had awaited for 14 years ever since Patty Scoville was found raped and murdered just of a trail at Moss Glen Falls in North Stowe.

The murder of the young and vibrant women triggered an intense investigation because it appeared this was a random crime.

Police had few leads but they did have DNA evidence that the killer left at the crime scene and police say the DNA cracked the case.

"There is significant evidence which supports our claim including the DNA evidence which there are some fairly extraordinary numbers laid out in the affidavit," says Assistant Attorney General Cindy Maguire.

Police got their break last month when FBI matched Godfrey's DNA sample to the Scoville crime scene DNA.

Godfrey's sample was collected while he was in prison five years ago for assaulting a woman.

But he had been free on parole for the last four years until police arrested him at his home in Kirby.

During questioning police say he denied ever meeting Patty Scoville, but later acknowledged the DNA evidence proves he had sex with her. Then he stopped talking.

Godfrey pled innocent to murder and rape. He was ordered held without bail.

After the arraignment Patty Scoville's parents said little because the case is still under investigation.

"We just want to say that we are very grateful that Patty's rapist and murderer has been identified and charged. We appreciate the work and efforts of so many people that's gone into today's arraignment. We feel both relieved but overwhelmed and we do not really wish to make any further comments at this time," Patty's father, David Scoville, told the crowd gathered outside the court house.

"We are hoping that the public will assist us with any information they may have regarding Mr. Godfrey and any possible links to other matters," says prosecutor Joel Page.

Police and prosecutors would not discuss what those other matters might be, such as other unsolved crimes. But police are still gathering more information to prosecute Godfrey for Patty Scoville's murder including a request for a court order to compel him to provide saliva for another DNA profile.

Brian Joyce - Channel 3 News

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