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Where is Brianna Maitland? Could Jeans Hold a Clue?

Montgomery, Vermont - October 27, 2007

What began as a joy ride down this ATV path in Montgomery, prompted a police investigation and renewed search for Brianna Maitland.

"I was just riding my four wheeler on my neighbor's land here and I came across a pair of jeans in the woods," said Peter Godfrey.

A pair of women's jeans -- discarded just off the ATV trail. It's not far from where Maitland disappeared three and-a-half years ago. She was last seen leaving her job at the Black Lantern in Montgomery about four miles away.

Godfrey said his first thought was that they could be Maitland's jeans.  He turned them over to Vermont State Police.

Saturday police began combing the woods near Gibou Road and the Hutchins Bridge. "In the event there are other items out there, we want to be sure we find them," said Vt. State Police Lt. Glenn Hall.

There have been countless searches for Maitland since she disappeared. But the area where the jeans were found had not been covered by search teams. Police have found evidence nearby over the years. The biggest piece of evidence is Maitland's car. It was rammed into an abandoned house and discovered after her disappearance. Police hope the jeans are another clue in this baffling case. "They definitely appear to have been there for sometime. We cannot determine how long. They were torn and appear to have been out in the open for an extended period of time," Lt. Hall.said.

When asked if Maitland was wearing jeans when she disappeared, Lt Hall responded: "We do not know that for certain. We tried to determine that, but no one can specifically say if she was wearing jeans that night." Hall added that the jeans would be in the size range worn by Maitland.

But police say the land where the jeans were found is owned by a seasonal resident. And this area often attracts partying teens.While this reporter was on the scene, he discovered an old sweatshirt, buried in leaves about a hundred yards from the entrance to the ATV trail. Police took it with them as their investigation continues.

Godfrey just hopes his discovery could lead to closure for the Maitland family. "I'm sure it's been tough on them, especially when you come up with these clues and sometimes that doesn't work out for them. I'd like to see it come to a close," Godfrey said.

The mystery jeans are being examined at the state lab and police will resume their search again on Monday.

Darren Perron - WCAX News

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