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  • Help! I'm Drowning in Debt

    Facing a stack of bills you can't handle? Take heart. Plenty of assistance is out there, eager to help you climb out of debt.
  • Debt: Friend or Foe?

    Debt used to be a four-letter word. But today debt is commonplace. We charge groceries on our frequent-flier Visa cards and borrow from our 401(k)s for our children's education. Are we stupid? Not necessarily.
  • Beware of Credit Fixes

    Time -- and only time -- heals the wounds inflicted on a credit report by unpaid debt. Unfortunately, there are scam artists eager to prey on desperate consumers by convincing them otherwise.
  • Debt and Your Taxes

    Your debts may actually help keep the evil twin at bay. Why? Some of that interest you shovel out each month is tax-deductible. Here's a quick summary on when you get a tax break for borrowing and when you don't.
  • Family Loans

    Where can you get the best terms on a new loan? Often, it's from Mom and Dad. But loans among family members touch on areas the IRS is especially sensitive about. To avoid a tax nightmare, be sure to follow these rules.
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