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  • Super Senior: Rolland Lafayette

    Super Senior: Rolland Lafayette

    Thursday, April 17 2014 8:12 PM EDT2014-04-18 00:12:57 GMT
    It's a routine, five days a week for the last 10 years Rolland Lafayette has come to the Thatcher Brook Primary School in the village of Waterbury. "Come over here and I'll give you a hug," said Rolland. TheMore >>
    It's a routine, five days a week for the last 10 years Rolland Lafayette has come to the Thatcher Brook Primary School in the village of Waterbury.More >>
  • Super Senior: Clyde Twitchell

    Super Senior: Clyde Twitchell

    Friday, April 11 2014 11:07 AM EDT2014-04-11 15:07:01 GMT
    Jacksonville, Vt., has a very notable citizen-- Clyde Twitchell. Clyde might not be famous, but he's an inspiration to many. And he's this week's Super Senior.
    More >>
    Jacksonville, Vt., has a very notable citizen-- Clyde Twitchell. Clyde might not be famous, but he's an inspiration to many. And he's this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Carolyn 'Cal' King

    Super Senior: Carolyn 'Cal' King

    Thursday, April 3 2014 8:56 PM EDT2014-04-04 00:56:08 GMT
    Carolyn King or "Cal" grew up in Massachusetts but has lived all over the place. A one constant, baking tasty treats for her family, friends and customers. She's this week's Super Senior. At first glanceMore >>
    Carolyn King or "Cal" grew up in Massachusetts but has lived all over the place. A one constant, baking tasty treats for her family, friends and customers. She's this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Tom Hart

    Super Senior: Tom Hart

    Friday, March 28 2014 5:38 PM EDT2014-03-28 21:38:40 GMT
    A very powerful man lives in Vermont. It's true. He doesn't hold office or run companies, but Tom Hart has inspired hundred in the gym and in the classroom. He's this week's Super Senior. Just above theMore >>
    Just above the town of Hinesburg, Tom Hart has 15 acres of serenity.More >>
  • Super Senior: Eleanor Scully

    Super Senior: Eleanor Scully

    Thursday, March 20 2014 7:56 PM EDT2014-03-20 23:56:24 GMT
    At first glance, Eleanor Scully may look like a lonely woman, perhaps at the senior center. But the truth is she's learning about something that's her life-- saving others. "I have to know this becauseMore >>
    Years ago in her native New Jersey, Eleanor Scully was told they didn't accept women on the rescue squad. It was their loss; she went on to dedicate her life to saving others. She's this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Connie Knodt

    Super Senior: Connie Knodt

    Thursday, March 13 2014 8:29 PM EDT2014-03-14 00:29:53 GMT
    She has brains plus a strong work ethic. Proof that if you put your mind to something you can succeed in life. This week's Super Senior is Connie Knodt. It's a brand new day at the University Health CenterMore >>
    She has brains plus a strong work ethic. Proof that if you put your mind to something you can succeed in life.More >>
  • Super Senior: Dave Morse

    Super Senior: Dave Morse

    Thursday, March 6 2014 8:23 PM EST2014-03-07 01:23:10 GMT
    He's a Super Scribe and he's not planning on stopping. This week we take you to the sports page where this Super Senior, Dave Morse just loves what he does on and off the court. Vermont has a rich historyMore >>
    He's a Super Scribe and he's not planning on stopping. This week we take you to the sports page where this Super Senior, Dave Morse just loves what he does on and off the court.More >>
  • Super Senior: Maybelle Dumont

    Super Senior: Maybelle Dumont

    Thursday, February 27 2014 8:40 PM EST2014-02-28 01:40:24 GMT
    Every Monday night there is a familiar site at the White Church in Bethel. Maybelle Dumont knows her way around the kitchen and she should. She's been cooking the Rotary Club's dinner right here sinceMore >>
    Everyone loves good home cooking. And this Super Senior takes pride in her tasty dishes. She's known for hearty meals that never leave you hungry.More >>
  • Super Senior: Ray Burke

    Super Senior: Ray Burke

    Thursday, February 20 2014 8:12 PM EST2014-02-21 01:12:03 GMT
    At Harvest Hill Farm, just listen and you will hear the sounds from outside. But every day, music comes from the inside. It's Ray Burke, playing his tenor sax. He's been playing since he was 12. Ray'sMore >>
    Ray's a self-described hillbilly, who grew up in the mountains of Rochester.More >>
  • Super Senior: Francois Bourgeois

    Super Senior: Francois Bourgeois

    Thursday, February 13 2014 8:38 PM EST2014-02-14 01:38:54 GMT
    At Spare Time Colchester it's senior league day. Bowlers 50 and up compete, but it's all for fun. And the most senior of the seniors is Francois Bourgeois. His bowling form masks his age. Francois is aMore >>
    You're never too old to fall in love. Just ask this Super Senior. Joe Carroll caught up with him on the countdown to Valentine's Day.More >>
  • Super Senior: Lyle Hurtubise

    Super Senior: Lyle Hurtubise

    Thursday, February 6 2014 9:12 PM EST2014-02-07 02:12:36 GMT
    Lyle Hurtubise and Sons have a very large farm. Reporter Joe Carroll: How many cows do you milk? Lyle Hurtubise: About 900. Through the years, Lyle has bought other farms around the Richford area. TheMore >>
    We travel all over our region to find our Super Seniors. This time, we went to Canada to speak with a Vermonter-- but it's not as confusing as it sounds. Joe Carroll explains.More >>
  • Remembering Super Senior Delbert Palmer

    Remembering Super Senior Delbert Palmer

    Tuesday, January 28 2014 10:23 AM EST2014-01-28 15:23:02 GMT
    A longtime public servant -- and a former Super Senior featured here on Channel 3 -- has passed away.Delbert Palmer was a member of the Waitsfield Fire Department for 62 years -- many of those years asMore >>
    Delbert Palmer, a longtime public servant and Channel 3 Super Senior, has passed away.More >>
  • Super Senior: Bob Vasseur

    Super Senior: Bob Vasseur

    Thursday, December 26 2013 7:12 PM EST2013-12-27 00:12:50 GMT
    Fayston is a hillside community on the western side of the Mad River Valley with a population of just over 1,300. Except for Mad River Glen and Sugarbush North ski areas, there is little commercial business.More >>
    Just about every town has one: a person who really loves and works for their community. In Fayston, it's Bob Vasseur. And wait until you hear how long this Super Senior has served his town.More >>
  • Super Senior: Rene Marcoux

    Super Senior: Rene Marcoux

    Thursday, December 19 2013 9:11 PM EST2013-12-20 02:11:28 GMT
    Rene and Monique were teens when they met at a sugarhouse in Hyde Park. Rene Marcoux: The thing is she was sweeter on me, though. Monique Marcoux: That's what he says! Three years later they got engagedMore >>
    Do you have a possession you really cherish? This week's Super Senior does. Rene Marcoux has a tractor he loves so much, it even has a name.More >>
  • Super Senior: Jim Beams

    Super Senior: Jim Beams

    Thursday, December 12 2013 8:31 PM EST2013-12-13 01:31:36 GMT
    On a hill high above Richmond, there's an ordinary garage with an unusual business. "We have customers from all over the United States," Jim Beams said. JB Aero & Son's business is soaring. They rebuildMore >>
    He's quite a fellow: a pilot who's afraid of heights, loves the opera and loves to get his hands dirty. Jim Beams is hard to define, but the Super Senior sure has a story to tell. And if you're lucky, he'll sing it.More >>
  • Super Senior: Marge Mayo

    Super Senior: Marge Mayo

    Thursday, December 5 2013 7:43 PM EST2013-12-06 00:43:03 GMT
    Marge Mayo loves making clothes. Reporter Joe Carroll: You love fashion, don't you? Marge Mayo: Yes, yes I do. It's not just a hobby, but a business. For decades, Marge has had loyal customers coming toMore >>
    Marge Mayo might only have an eighth-grade education, but she's teaching people a thing or two about how to live life to the fullest. She's this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Ernie Boisvert

    Super Senior: Ernie Boisvert

    Thursday, November 21 2013 9:38 PM EST2013-11-22 02:38:48 GMT
    Every morning-- it's a routine-- a group of men get together at Soup-N'-Greens in Barre. They've been coming here for so long that they have a nickname, the Breakfast Club. There is no leader, but oneMore >>
    Ernie Boisvert has a gift for gab. A wink and a laugh is his trademark. Joe Carroll caught up with this Super Senior and his buddies over breakfast.More >>
  • Super Senior: Don Mullally

    Super Senior: Don Mullally

    Thursday, November 14 2013 9:02 PM EST2013-11-15 02:02:32 GMT
    It's a cold morning commute in the Kingdom. And for the last 60 years, a familiar voice has been keeping the community informed. He's Mr. St. Johnsbury-- Don Mullally. "Here on 1340 radio, the Spirit ofMore >>
    Generations of folks in Caledonia County have grown up listening to this week's Super Senior. They may know the voice, but not the face-- until now.More >>
  • Super Senior: Nancy Sabin

    Super Senior: Nancy Sabin

    Thursday, November 7 2013 8:44 PM EST2013-11-08 01:44:03 GMT
    Nancy Sabin has visited hundreds of Vermont farms, but she's not a farmer. "I love farming -- if your doing it, not me," she said.Rob Hunt milks over 300 cows in West Addison.  He has a  new venture --More >>
    Mama Nancy helps out hundreds of Vermont farms, but she's not a farmer.More >>
  • Super Senior: Dolly Mazza

    Super Senior: Dolly Mazza

    Monday, November 4 2013 12:45 PM EST2013-11-04 17:45:10 GMT
    For Dolly Mazza, her jewelry making hits home.Reporter Joe Carroll: So this is kind of cozy isn't? Dolly Mazza: It's very cozy, yeah.In fact it's the living room of her house. Some days she works six toMore >>
    Sometimes it takes a traumatic event to test one's strength. That's the case for this weeks Super Senior, Dolly Mazza.More >>
  • Super Senior: Bev Shaw

    Super Senior: Bev Shaw

    Thursday, October 24 2013 7:44 PM EDT2013-10-24 23:44:06 GMT
    Tucked on a side street in Winooski is Papa Frank's. It's far from trendy-- nothing fancy, just a hearty plate of pasta and sauce. It's like a big dining room and Bev Shaw is the mom. She's worked hereMore >>
    A restaurant should be warm and welcoming, just like Bev Shaw. She always serves with a smile-- part of the reason she's special. Joe Carroll dishes out more on this Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Eleonora Stein

    Super Senior: Eleonora Stein

    Thursday, October 17 2013 7:45 PM EDT2013-10-17 23:45:41 GMT
    From the beginning, the young Eleonora was drawn to the stage. Reporter Joe Carroll: So, you like the spotlight don't you? Eleonora Stein: Oh, I love it... I think I danced before I walked. It was an innocentMore >>
    Madam Stein, as her students call her, is a self-described ham. When she's in the spotlight, her eyes start to sparkle and the energy flows. Meet this Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Skip Sedore

    Super Senior: Skip Sedore

    Thursday, October 10 2013 9:23 PM EDT2013-10-11 01:23:46 GMT
    The foliage is just past peak in Craftsbury. It's a fleeting sign that another season has gone by. Skip Sedore admires nature from his picture window. "I shade it in pencil usually," he said of his drawing. SkipMore >>
    Everyone has a story. What makes Skip Sedore stand out is what he learned from a life-changing experience. Joe Carroll sat down with this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Ralph Farnsworth

    Super Senior: Ralph Farnsworth

    Thursday, September 26 2013 8:49 PM EDT2013-09-27 00:49:13 GMT
    Ralph Farnsworth has 160 acres of land in New Haven; it's his childhood homestead. It's also where he keeps his collection of Americana. "Well, this is the latest chain saw I've brought in," he said. It'sMore >>
    It seems we live in a throwaway society. But there's a man in Addison County who saves just about everything. Joe Carroll got a tour of the collection amassed by Super Senior Ralph Farnsworth.More >>
  • Super Seniors: Bev and Jim Lawson

    Super Seniors: Bev and Jim Lawson

    Thursday, September 19 2013 8:55 PM EDT2013-09-20 00:55:29 GMT
    Just about every Vermont town has one-- a place to meet to find the latest news with their cup of coffee. It's the village store. In the Central Vermont town of Websterville it's Lawson's. "I pick up aMore >>
    They work almost every day and rarely leave their place of business. But Bev and Jim Lawson wouldn't have it any other way. They love their job and their community. They're this week's Super Seniors.More >>
  • Super Senior: Ida Manning

    Super Senior: Ida Manning

    Thursday, September 12 2013 8:55 PM EDT2013-09-13 00:55:42 GMT
    It's an exceptionally hot day in Westfield, but the people inside the Westfield Community Center don't seem to mind. Ida Manning said, "We're like a big family here." And it's an accepting one. They'reMore >>
    At first glance, Ida Manning may seem like your average hard-working Vermonter. But she's pretty special. Ida loves poetry, photography and dancing. Joe Carroll found this Super Senior on the dance floor.More >>
  • Super Senior: Barbara Allaire

    Super Senior: Barbara Allaire

    Friday, September 6 2013 9:21 AM EDT2013-09-06 13:21:17 GMT
    It's not a surprise that Stowe is a bustling tourist town, with many of its citizens transplants from outside of Vermont. Barbara Allaire isn't one of them; she grew up here. There is one building thatMore >>
    Barbara Allaire is a take charge woman. She's no phony and she speaks her mind. That's what Joe Carroll found out when he chatted with this Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Gary Ely

    Super Senior: Gary Ely

    Monday, September 2 2013 9:09 AM EDT2013-09-02 13:09:24 GMT
    Gary Ely enjoys going to work. He's proud to show off Caplan's Army Store, a mainstay in St. Johnsbury since the early 1920s. If you need it, Caplan's probably has it. "I thought to myself, I wish my armsMore >>
    At 76, Gary Ely isn't the oldest Super Senior we've profiled, but his duration working at the same job is a record.More >>
  • Super Senior: Anna Husk

    Super Senior: Anna Husk

    Thursday, August 22 2013 9:14 PM EDT2013-08-23 01:14:41 GMT
    It's the last Monday concert in the park and the Vergennes City Band players arrive early to set up. They warm up on a pristine evening. It's an hour of fan favorites, from show tunes to marching songs. ItMore >>
    As the oldest member of the Vergennes City Band, Anna Husk doesn't miss a beat. That's a good thing because she plays bass drum.More >>
  • Super Senior: Lynn Lang

    Super Senior: Lynn Lang

    Thursday, August 15 2013 8:59 PM EDT2013-08-16 00:59:28 GMT
    Lynn Lang spent much of his life at the high-tech campus of IBM in Essex Junction. "It was a good career," he said. "I was at the right place at the right time." He worked his way up from manufacturingMore >>
    From computer chips to early American machinery, Lynn Lang in a way has gone back into history. Joe Carroll explains in this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Roger Layn

    Super Senior: Roger Layn

    Thursday, August 8 2013 8:13 PM EDT2013-08-09 00:13:27 GMT
    Roger Layn might have the prettiest commute in Vermont and he doesn't have to leave his 960 acres of land enjoy it. The Layns milk 140 cows in Monkton. Three generations work on the farm. Roger's mainMore >>
    Meet a Vermont Super Senior who's a big hit at the Addison County Fair and Field Days.More >>
  • Super Senior: Lucille Skeffington

    Super Senior: Lucille Skeffington

    Thursday, August 1 2013 8:26 PM EDT2013-08-02 00:26:12 GMT
    In Bristol, there's proof that you don't need the latest and greatest to satisfy the customer. Reporter Joe Carroll: So, Lucille, these are your regulars? Lucille Skeffington: Yes, they are. This gal'sMore >>
    Lucille Skeffington has a job where customers come to her. It's kind of a women's club that's a cut above the rest. Joe Carroll joined the ladies to meet this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Fred Webster

    Super Senior: Fred Webster

    Thursday, July 25 2013 8:20 PM EDT2013-07-26 00:20:13 GMT
    Fred Webster's homestead has 300 acres of land with 80,000-square feet of barn space. Reporter Joe Carroll: So, Fred, you grew up in this house? Fred Webster: I grew up here. The hodgepodge of structuresMore >>
    Fred Webster is known in the Northeast Kingdom for his sharp tongue and quick wit. Joe Carroll got tutored on the hardships and joys in Fred's life on this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Warren Patrick

    Super Senior: Warren Patrick

    Thursday, July 18 2013 7:14 PM EDT2013-07-18 23:14:56 GMT
    Warren Patrick loves to go for walks. "When I go anywhere, I take a camera with me," Warren said. And just like everyone, pictures remind him of who he is and where he's been. "This was when I was a little younger,More >>
    If you've lived to be 102, chances are you have quite a few stories to tell. That's the case for Warren Patrick. And through the highs and lows in life, the Townsend man has kept his faith.More >>
  • Super Senior: Dick Paquette

    Super Senior: Dick Paquette

    Thursday, July 11 2013 8:33 PM EDT2013-07-12 00:33:31 GMT
    Pauline Paquette has made the trek thousands of times, leaving her home and crossing a busy road in Colchester to go to work. It's eggs all day. Pauline works at Shadow Cross Farms with her husband, Dick.More >>
    Dick Paquette has been driving his egg truck around Chittenden County for more than 50 years. Joe Carroll finds out what keeps the "egg man" going.More >>
  • Super Senior: Ruby Jenness

    Super Senior: Ruby Jenness

    Thursday, July 4 2013 8:26 PM EDT2013-07-05 00:26:43 GMT
    Tucked in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, the town of Morgan has a gem of a lake. "It's beautiful, it's quiet, it's perfect," Ruby Jenness said. Ruby gets excited like a schoolgirl when it comes to natureMore >>
    She's on the go, staying fit and staying young-- even though Ruby Jenness is nearly 92. Joe Carroll tried his best to keep up with this Super Senior.More >>
  • Diploma arrives decades later for Super Senior

    Diploma arrives decades later for Super Senior

    Wednesday, July 3 2013 8:27 PM EDT2013-07-04 00:27:34 GMT
    An honor for a man we profiled as a Super Senior. Charlie Gadwah delivers oil in the Connecticut River Valley. For 57 years, he's worked five or six days a week. He has family and friends. But he toldMore >>
    A man we profiled as a Super Senior finally got something he waited more than 60 years for-- his high school diploma.More >>
  • Super Senior recognized as super volunteer

    Super Senior recognized as super volunteer

    Wednesday, July 3 2013 8:23 PM EDT2013-07-04 00:23:48 GMT
    Three little words: I love you. It's Maj. Melvin McLaughlin's mantra. The 95-year-old says it to everyone he runs into. "When I see you, I ask you, 'Did anyone today tell you they love you?' And if theMore >>
    We featured Melvin "Major" McLaughlin as a Super Senior last year. Now, he's getting national recognition as a super volunteer.More >>
  • Super Senior: Bob Miller

    Super Senior: Bob Miller

    Thursday, June 27 2013 10:19 PM EDT2013-06-28 02:19:12 GMT
    "Let's take the convertible," Bob Miller said. "It's a nice day." Bob is taking me out for a ride. He's showing me his empire, a collection of mostly industrial space around Chittenden County. Bob, 78,More >>
    He's a self-made millionaire with a big heart. Joe Carroll has the rags to riches story of Super Senior of Bob Miller.More >>
  • Super Senior: Cleve Minor

    Super Senior: Cleve Minor

    Thursday, June 20 2013 8:26 PM EDT2013-06-21 00:26:15 GMT
    Farmers aren't the only one's complaining about the wet spring of 2013. "We've had so much rain, I've haven't had a chance to get to the outside at all," Cleveland Minor said. House painters have beenMore >>
    Afraid of heights? Cleve Minor isn't. He's been known to climb up to 50 feet with his trusty ladder, even though he's pushing 90. Joe Carroll got a perspective from above when he caught up with this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Christine Hebert

    Super Senior: Christine Hebert

    Thursday, June 13 2013 8:32 PM EDT2013-06-14 00:32:49 GMT
    What's a church service without music? And at St. Mark Church in Burlington, Christine Hebert is the organist, the head of the holy harmonies. "There's nothing like music. I have a problem; all I haveMore >>
    For Super Senior Christine Hebert music has been a constant in her life. Playing the piano has brought her joy, but not too long ago it also brought her grief.More >>
  • Super Senior: Clayt Butterfield

    Super Senior: Clayt Butterfield

    Thursday, June 6 2013 8:29 PM EDT2013-06-07 00:29:27 GMT
    For over 50 years Clayt Butterfield and his wife Lois have been loaning out medical equipment.  "If you need it and I have it, you can borrow it," Butterfield said.It's not really a business -- more likeMore >>
    There's a man in Randolph who is known not only for what he does, but what he drives.
    More >>
  • Super Senior: Ruby Gonyea

    Super Senior: Ruby Gonyea

    Monday, June 3 2013 10:56 AM EDT2013-06-03 14:56:35 GMT
    It might be near the end of the school year for the kids at the Alburgh Elementary School, but in Mrs. Giroux's first-grade class they're ready to read. "OK, read to me," Giroux said. This teacher hasMore >>
    Ruby Gonyea might have the record for the longest-serving foster grandparent in Vermont. Ruby helps kids learn to read and her life story is a page turner. That's why she's this week's Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Ralph Pace

    Super Senior: Ralph Pace

    Thursday, May 23 2013 8:10 PM EDT2013-05-24 00:10:48 GMT
    Every town hopes for one-- a go-to guy, a leader. "He's always there when we need him," Ludlow Town Manager Frank Heald said. In the resort town of Ludlow, it's Ralph Pace. "I fell in love with Okemo asMore >>
    He threw his suits and ties away over a decade ago. Ralph Pace left his high stress job and moved to Vermont. But he didn't slow down. Joe Carroll finds out what keeps this week's Super Senior moving.More >>
  • Super Senior: Norm Case

    Super Senior: Norm Case

    Thursday, May 16 2013 8:49 PM EDT2013-05-17 00:49:25 GMT
    "I'm still pretty wobbly," Norm Case said. You can forgive a 95-year-old with a history of heart problems for having a hard time getting around. "I have to use a cane," he said. But it doesn't stop NormMore >>
    Norm Case is a Super Senior who has been focused on the important things in life since he was a kid. And he's always known exactly what he wanted.More >>
  • Super Senior: Bob Hager

    Super Senior: Bob Hager

    Thursday, May 9 2013 8:23 PM EDT2013-05-10 00:23:20 GMT
    It's the start of a history class at Lyndon State College. Bob Hager isn't using a book, but a laptop to show images of what he's witnessed. A firsthand account of some of the most important events ofMore >>
    Bob Hager spent decades chasing stories all around the world as a network news correspondent, but he always felt grounded in Vermont. Joe Carroll sat down with this week's Super Senior, who has more than a few stories to tell.More >>
  • Super Senior: Ted Hislop

    Super Senior: Ted Hislop

    Thursday, May 2 2013 8:28 PM EDT2013-05-03 00:28:40 GMT
    Ted Hislop loves working in his garage. "I enjoy making things out of wood," he said. But his passion is his Harley. Reporter Joe Carroll: Is it fun going out with your dad? Pam Hislop: It's the best partMore >>
    He might look rough and tough, but his daughter calls him a rock and a hero. This Super Senior loves people, pets and the wind in his face. We caught up with him on the open road.More >>
  • Popular Barre substitute teacher dies

    Popular Barre substitute teacher dies

    Friday, April 5 2013 8:10 PM EDT2013-04-06 00:10:01 GMT
    A popular substitute teacher at Barre Town Elementary School has died. A year ago, WCAX News profiled Dick Swift for our "Super Senior" series. Dick had worked in various jobs around Central Vermont, butMore >>
    A popular Barre substitute teacher profiled in the WCAX News series "Super Seniors" has died.More >>
  • Super Senior: Barbara Hamm

    Super Senior: Barbara Hamm

    Tuesday, March 26 2013 8:21 PM EDT2013-03-27 00:21:17 GMT
    At the First Congregational Church in Saint Albans, they're prepping for a feast. The food isn't trendy, but good and hardy. "This is beef stew," Barbara Hamm said. Barbara, 82, could be called the food foreman. "BarbaraMore >>
    She got inspired by her grandmother, who never turned down someone in need, and Mother Theresa. That should give you an idea what this Super Senior does with her time.More >>
  • Super Senior: Charlie Gadwah

    Super Senior: Charlie Gadwah

    Tuesday, March 26 2013 4:46 PM EDT2013-03-26 20:46:24 GMT
    In the middle of Wells River, there is a landmark. It's a family business serving around 3,000 customers run by Sue Acheson and her brother Pugh Engle.  They have worked here for decades. But not as longMore >>
    After a long cold winter, the last person you might want to see is your oil delivery man.  But Charlie Gadwah is a welcome sight for many.  He's a warm man and a hard worker and he's this week's Super Senior.
    More >>
  • Super Senior: Marilyn Hilly

    Super Senior: Marilyn Hilly

    Friday, March 8 2013 5:23 PM EST2013-03-08 22:23:22 GMT
    Mad River Ski Area in Fayston is a unique mountain, having one of the last single chair lifts in the country and its slogan, "Ski It If You Can." But they also have one impressive woman. Marilyn HillyMore >>
    You might say this Super Senior has an appropriate last name. Marilyn Hilly has been skiing since she was a kid. Joe Carroll caught up with her on the hill to see what's kept her coming back for decades.More >>
  • Super Senior: Nib Creed

    Super Senior: Nib Creed

    Friday, February 22 2013 9:36 AM EST2013-02-22 14:36:12 GMT
    Brandon Lumber and Millwork is like every other lumberyard-- wood outside and hardware inside. But they have somebody that makes this place special. Three days a week, Niblo Creed, Nib for short, drivesMore >>
    Oaks are hardy trees with very long lives, and so is this week's Super Senior. He's a man who knows a thing or two about wood.More >>
  • Vermont veteran honored

    Vermont veteran honored

    Thursday, February 7 2013 8:37 PM EST2013-02-08 01:37:48 GMT
    A Vermont veteran was honored in Montpelier Thursday. He's a former Channel 3 Super Senior. John Micknick was presented with a number of military medals for his service as a merchant marine during WorldMore >>
    A Vermont veteran was honored in Montpelier Thursday. He's a former Channel 3 Super Senior.More >>
  • Super Senior: Azel Hall

    Super Senior: Azel Hall

    Tuesday, February 5 2013 8:30 PM EST2013-02-06 01:30:02 GMT
    On a cold morning in Randolph, Azel Hall makes his way to his garage. He's working on his 1949 Jeep Willy, a vehicle he knows inside and out. "It's relatively simple," he said. Azel remembers a time when mostMore >>
    Like so many men of his generation, Azel Hall went off to fight in World War II. And like many, he came back a changed man. Joe Carroll has this Super Senior's story of survival and generosity.More >>
  • Super Senior: Ducky Donath

    Super Senior: Ducky Donath

    Friday, December 28 2012 12:40 PM EST2012-12-28 17:40:49 GMT
    In the New North End of Burlington, there's a busy woman. She's known for her tasty treats and a certain moniker. "Ducky! Call me Ducky," she said. It's a nickname she's always had. After Ducky DonathMore >>
    This week's Super Senior loves to cook... not for herself, but for the community. Joe Carroll got a taste of what Ducky Donath is all about.More >>
  • Super Senior: Bob Maritano

    Super Senior: Bob Maritano

    Friday, December 21 2012 7:30 PM EST2012-12-22 00:30:58 GMT
    It's just after 5 a.m. and the streets of the Old North End of Burlington are mostly empty. But for Bob Maritano, it's time to get to work. He's been coming to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf for almostMore >>
    It's the season of giving and this week's Super Senior is known for giving of himself. Bob Maritano calls working at a food shelf the biggest blessing he's ever gotten.More >>
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