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Elinor Steele Tapestry

Event Dates and Times

2/16/2018 - Starts: 5:00 PM - Ends: 7:00 PM
Calendar Listing – Elinor Steele Tapestry (In the Jackson Gallery at Town Hall Theater)
Category: Gallery Opening/ Art Installation

Vermont designer/weaver Elinor Steele Friml’s show represents forty years of dedication to the art of contemporary hand-woven tapestry. Her exhibit includes works from several of her series, including abstract and impressionistic images, landscapes, and geometric compositions.
Steele combines a strong sense of color and composition with meticulous craftsmanship to create her tapestries. Working from a small scale printed color drawing and a full sized “cartoon” or line pattern she interprets her designs while weaving by hand on a high-warp loom using traditional tapestry techniques.

Haley Rice

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