Expert: No clear cause of 'creepy' fungus gnat wave

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. (AP) Residents in southeastern Vermont say they're being inundated by a massive wave of fungus gnats that an expert calls unusual and "creepy."

Entomologist Margaret Skinner tells Vermont Public Radio that a wet summer could partly explain the rise of the tiny insects, but it's not clear why other parts of the state aren't seeing the same effect. They don't bite or swarm, but Skinner says it's still "kind of creepy."

Brattleboro resident Josh Engle posted on Facebook that he recently awoke to a strange burning smell and found an outdoor lamp filled with enough dead bugs to block out the light.

Marlboro resident Jonathan Morse says the insects fill his bedroom ceiling as he and his wife get ready to go to sleep and descend on them when the lights go out.

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