Annual sale helps combat child abuse

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ESSEX. Vt. For many yard sale shoppers--the experience is about finding a unique--or antique--item that may even hold sentimental value.

"I like finding older things that maybe you wouldn't find in a store nowadays for cheap. Showing them to the younger generation you know," said Eden resident Liza Jones.

But the meaning meaning behind each purchase at this sale goes much deeper than the products themselves. For years KidSafe Collaborative has hosted a yard sale at the Champlain Valley Expo to raise funds to help prevent and combat child abuse.

"We are not working directly with children, but we do work with families and with, for example, with DCF we do a lot of work with them, so it's a collaborative where we work with other agencies to get families the help and the support they need," said Tina Brimo, Events Coordinator for KidSafe Collaborative.

This weekend is their 14th annual sale. They say it's grown a lot over the years. They received around 30,000 products donated for the sale.

"We have everything from household, garden, tools, automotive, car mats, clothing, toys, sports goods, bikes and scooters. We have things that we actually couldn't identify so we put them on a generic table, because we have no idea what they are," said Angela Bissonette, chair person for the yard sale fundraiser.

Over 100 volunteers spent four days sorting, cleaning, pricing, and testing the products. Every penny goes to KidSafe Collaborative. The non-profit connects families in need with important services.

"I think access to services is important, and that's where we come in, because we are able to bring the people to the table who can provide that support and that access, and that's what our child protective team does," said Tina Brimo.

It's the second biggest fundraiser for the group--and often raises upwards of $25,000. Giving a new purpose to thousands of old trinkets.