Nutritionist warns that all protein powders not created equal

Organ donations from overdose deaths are saving lives

Teen's death spurs energy drink law in South Carolina

Advances in cystic fibrosis treatment transforming patients' lives

Collaborative seeks to improve multiple sclerosis care

Study: Reading aloud and play reduce child behavioral problems

Vaping an epidemic in US high schools

ALS patient hopes stem cell treatment will be 'a powerful weapon'

New procedure a lifesaver for many stroke victims

Study: Children's medications increase risk of allergies

Deep South struggling to make progress in fight against HIV

Infrared spurs new trend in 'hot' yoga

Study finds more people using apps to track sleep

Health officials link norovirus outbreak to S. Burlington restaurant

British scientists develop wearable MRI scanner

Doctors often treat stroke victims for depression

Climate change is leading to longer, more intense allergy seasons

Experts caution that child-resistant medicine is not childproof

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