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Col Roy: "Successful mission so far"

Col. Will Roy Col. Will Roy

Burlington, Vermont - April 19, 2010

The man leading a brigade of Vermonters in Afghanistan says his soldiers are having great success. Col. Will Roy answered our questions about the mission, the danger and the contributions Vermont troops are making.

"Days typically start early. They get up at sunrise. They'll do physical training, have breakfast then get ready for the mission they'll be conducting that day. Typically they'll be out working with the Afghan national police, Afghan national army or border patrols. So we'll be doing joint patrols with them all day long," said the Colonel.

"The mission is going great. Our soldiers are out there doing tremendous things every single day. Command Sgt. Blodgett and I have an opportunity to visit virtually every one of our units and spend a night with them, go out on patrols with them," answered Roy.

"Some outposts are a little more remote than others, a little more austere than others, but like great Vermonters they adjust, they adapt, they overcome. In every singe unit you have different tradesmen -- carpenters, plumbers, etc. -- so they are improving their living conditions on a daily basis. You know the mission is something they can really get into and that is helping to change the lives of the Afghan population that they are here to help serve and protect, so morale is tremendous. They're very excited about what they're doing," said Roy.

"They're are instances where they are coming in contact with enemy forces. And I'll say that the Afghan national security forces are conducting themselves extraordinarily well. We are working with them side by side and we haven't seen any forces that the Afghan national security forces themselves cannot defeat. We're there to assist them, to partner with them and in every instance that we've been working with them they have done very, very well," replied the Colonel.


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