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2 dead in Colebrook explosions

Colebrook, New Hampshire - May 14, 2010

A deadly day in Colebrook New Hampshire where a gun factory exploded. MDM Muzzleloaders makes guns and ammunition. The blast there rocked the town and killed two people inside the plant.

"It's just like you dropped a bomb," said Henry Blodgett who witnessed the tragedy.

The explosion happened just after 1 p.m. Friday afternoon. Smoke could still be seen rising from the warehouse more than four hours later.

"It just blew me back in the garage. It blew my son back against the tool box. It knocked me off balance," said Blodgett.

The window was blown out of Blodgett's home which is several hundred yards from the building.

"The initial blast sounded almost like a big clap of thunder. I went outside to check, two more large blasts after that. A large cloud of huge black smoke," said Blodgett.

He says police and fire crews showed up within minutes of the blast. The area was quickly cordoned off as small rounds of ammo could be heard going off insde the factory.

"Debris was flying everywhere. Debris across our house. There was debris in the air," said Blodgett.

Homes on nearby Bridge Street were evacuated as explosives experts worked to subdue the treat to first responders.

"We have folks here that are experts in regards to that, and helping us make sure the scene is secure and safe for everyone to operate in," said New Hampshire Fire Marshal Bill Degnan.

Firefighters were eventually able to control the fire. But officials say it could be several days before they were able to determine what caused the tragedy.

"It is quite challenging that you have an explosion as well as a fire an debris field that stretches for some distance," said Degnan.

Along with local and state officials, ATF agents as well as OSHA will be on scene through the weekend.

Adam Sullivan - WCAX News

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