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Walking for the troops

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July 4, 2010 - Montpelier, Vermont

Superman is a celebrity....stopping for snapshots along the way. Allen Mullins is on a mission. Now in Montpelier...Mullins is walking the United States visiting Capitals dressed as superman.

"Wearing a military uniform when you are not military personnel. They don't like that too much so I had to find something that represents the American Way and something that fits the flag." said Mullins. "I figure if you are going to do something right, you have to put some time and effort into it. I figure that is the best way to do it."

This is Mullins way of supporting the troops during war.

Allen Mullins also told us, "When they get home they get all kinds of mental issues, They have got shelter issues.....they don't have much to come home to unless they left home with something to come back to. That is fine awareness. It is a stepping stone to everything you do. So if it is an awareness plot I have to step on first. I am going to do it. I get some rides but not much because a lot of people are sketchy about a man dressed as superman."

His dream is to create a foundation---so the troops are taken care of once they return from war. This is his 13 state since January---walking his way toward his goal. He's used to the stares but on this stop--it's all smiles.

Allen Mullins says, "this is one of my favorite states because people here are very laid back. People really are not judgmental. A lot of other bigger states, bigger cities. They are so uptight like they are afraid of something."

But here in Vermont...it's another story according to this super man.

Anson Tebbetts - WCAX 



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