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Everything Animals: Judy Simpson's tiny new pal

Burlington, Vermont - October 5, 2010

Life has been a zoo for Judy Simpson since she bid farewell to the morning show.

"I'm usually up by five o'clock in the barn," she says. That may sound early to a lot of us, but it's practically a luxury for Judy, who used to arrive at the office at 2:00 a.m. "That's late for me compared to what I'm used to."

Judy's family already has a rabbit, three dogs and two horses, and now she has some help with her new morning chores: a little goat named Rondo.

Since Rondo is a Nigerian Dwarf goat he's going to stay fairly small, but he has a big soft spot for his mom.

"He just kind of follows me around and hangs out with the horses in the barn," Judy said, sitting in a lawn chair with Rondo resting comfortably in her lap. "He's just very social."

Rondo came into Judy's life shortly after her father suddenly passed away in August. Judy says she and her husband often talked about getting a goat, and the day after Judy got home from the funeral she saw an ad for baby goats in an agricultural newspaper. So with a little bargaining, Rondo became a reality.

"I talked to my husband again and he said, 'Well if I get to name it then you can do it,' so I drove down to Dummerston, picked him up, brought him home in a dog crate and he's been here ever since," Judy says.

So why the name Rondo?

"After Rajon Rondo, who of course is all that and he'll be the first to tell you that, and that's kind of his personality," Judy explains.

It's certainly a sight to see Judy going about her barn chores with the help of a dominating little goat who has no fear, a lot of curiosity and even more love to give.

Rachel Feldman - WCAX News

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