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Gray Fox or Red Fox?

Sometimes we get the most amazing photos in from our viewers and it gives Naturalist Bryan Pfeiffer and I something to talk about! Jeanne Knowlton set up a game camera in Colchester and captured some photos of a gray fox! Gray fox are not easy to see, even though they do live in Vermont.

"This is great! And the thing to know about fox, is there are two species of fox in Vermont. Gray fox and red fox. The tricky thing is, a gray fox can look kind of reddish, and a red fox can look kind of grayish. It's actually a bit difficult to tell these two species apart. But when you have a photo, as we have here, you can see the marks."

"The key mark on a gray fox, is this black tail. This black top to the tail, with a black tip on the gray fox. Red foxes have white tail tips, and red foxes also have black booties, all four of their legs look as though their wearing black socks. Those are the best marks, don't really look for the gray and the red."

Most people in Vermont, have never seen a gray fox, but they are here.

"Red foxes are widespread. They like a mix of habitats, they can walk out in the open, along edges of fields. They are more comfortable doing that. Gray foxes tend to be more restricted in their range. They like hardwood forest, or mixed wood forest, and they don't wander as much, their more territorial. So as a result, we don't see them as much."

The great thing about having a photo, is it gives you a chance to make an identification. It make not make the cover of a magazine, but it gives you more time, than if you just catch a glimpse of something running by, and then you are always wondering what that was you just saw! So, have that camera ready!

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