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Cutting back and dividing ornamental grass

Even though this winter seems ot be lasting forever, there are some things you can do now. One is to cut back and divide your ornamental grasses.

They've looked beautiful all winter, gracing your garden in the snow with their flower heads. Now that the snow is finally melting....kind of... you can cut them back. I like to use a hedge trimmer to cut them back. It makes it really easy and really simple. Cut them back to about 4" to 6" tall.

Once they're all cut back, then you can really see where to divide them. Now there's two ways to divide them. You can dig up the whole clump, take it out, and cut it in half. Some ornamental grasses are so thick, you have to use an ax to cut them in half.
Or you can use a simpler method, which is to slice out little sections of the grass with your shovel. This is a nice way to do it, if your ornamental grasses haven't grown too big, haven't died out in the center, and you just want to spread some around and you don't really need to divide them right now. It's a great way to share them.
Here's how. Dig down into the soil, as long as the ground isn't frozen and slice out a one foot diameter piece of ornamental grass roots. You can see they're pretty tightly held together.  You can just plant this division or divide it again into a small piece. But the smaller the division, the longer it's going to take to flower again. So, I like them a little bit bigger, because it will actually flower pretty quickly for you and you'll have a whole new ornamental grass soon.
By Charlie Nardozzi
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