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Spring cleaning at Shelburne Farm

Shelburne, Vermont - April 25, 2011

Shelburne Farms is open year round to the public, but it's popular children's farmyard was buttoned up for the winter. Now, the opening day of another season at the farmyard is just around the corner.

Spring has sprung at the Farm yard at Shelburne farms. "The first thing we do every day is the chicken parade. They are all out now -- their coop is being thoroughly cleaned," said Sam Smith with Shelburne Farm.

Smith is getting ready for another busy summer season when more than 50 thousand visitors will walk through the farm yard."Every morning at 10:30 they walk down their little ramp. Kids learn why we have chickens on a farm, what products they produce, what types of chickens we have -- we have lots of types," he said.

Visitors are encouraged to pick up the chickens to learn more about them. This is a hands on kind of place -- from eggs, to milking goats and a cow.

Seasonal employees like Rachel Cadwallader-Staubarrived arrived Monday to start their summer. "It is the start of the season and I have actually never been here for the start of the season. I have been in school and this is my first year out. It is exciting to see the transformation of the farm -- from this -- to working and something the public can come and see," she said.

Now don't make the mistake of calling this a petting zoo, this is very much a working farm and these lambs are raised for a reason. "We send them to slaughter and they actually go to our inn, so all of the lamb that is served at our in from the end of July to November is produced here on site," Smith said.

Eggs and maple syrup produced on the farm are also used at the inn -- that is very much a part of the education that goes on here.

"Anybody who wants to get their hands on an animal and learn about where their food is coming from -- this is a great spot to do that. I like to say we are like the introduction to agriculture in Vermont," Smith said.

And that introduction opens Sunday, May 7th, Mother's Day.

Judy Simpson - WCAX News

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