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Potato grow bags

You don't have to have a yard to create a garden. You can grow a garden in containers. And the latest, greatest container that is out there are grow bags! They come in very vibrant colors such as blue and orange. They're made out of polypropylene that kind of feels like felt. What's nice about these grow bags as opposed to regular containers is these breathe. They're lightweight and then when you are done with them, you just fold them up and you can store them.

You can get grow bags that are designed for tomatoes, peppers, beans, and salad gardens, but this one is designed for potatoes. Here's how it works. Get some potting soil, preferably a container mix. Place a layer on the bottom. You don't have to fill it up, just put down maybe a 6 inch layer, and then you want to get your spuds or seed potatoes! You cut these in half or place the whole potato in depending on the size. Small little guys can be put in individually, but if you have potato with at least a couple of sprouts coming up, you can cut it in half so each section has a few eyes.

We'll put four seed potatoes in the bottom and then we'll cover them over with potting soil, just enough to cover the tops of the seed potatoes. And that's all you have to do for now. Keep them watered to make sure they stay really moist, and then as they  grow through the soil put more container mix on top, until they end up covering the top of the bag. The stems will overflow out the bag. In the fall, take the bag and just turn it over. You can get up to 13 pounds of potatoes pouring out of this bag!

By Charlie Nardozzi

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