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Cheesemaking tips by award-winning cheesemaker

Burlington, Vermont – May 21, 2011

Cheesemaking in Vermont has become very popular. Tonight The :30 has an expert from Shelburne Farms, which is known for its award winning sharp cheddar.  Cheesemaker Nat Bacon takes us through the stages of cheesemaking so we have a better understanding of it.

Here's a quick list:

Decide what kind of cheese you want to make and what kind of milk you'd like to try. Some cheeses are more difficult to make.

Types of cheeses: mozzarella is a young cheese without aging, cheddar gains flavor as it ages.

Here's the process in short:

  • Sterilize equipment, warm the milk and add the bacterial starter
  • Add the Rennet
  • Let sit until it gels.
  • Cook the curds.
  • Separate the curds from the whey
  • Press the curds, wrap and age to develop a rind.

For more, watch the video on The :30.


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