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Police launch another search for missing Essex couple

Bill Currier Bill Currier
Lorraine Currier Lorraine Currier

Essex, Vermont - June 24, 2011

It's been more than two weeks since Bill and Lorraine Currier were last seen. Friday, police launched another foot search into Essex and surrounding communities. At this point it's not exactly clear what police are looking for in those woods, whether it's for bodies or some other critical piece of evidence. But what is becoming clear-- police are losing hope that this mystery will have a happy ending for the Essex couple.

"Naturally as time goes on we have an increasing concern that one or both may no longer be alive," Essex Police Capt. Brad LaRose said.

But Essex police say they have no evidence that Bill and Lorraine Currier are dead either. For now the team is treating this as a criminal investigation, searching woods that fall within a one-mile radius of the couple's home, talking to neighbors and digging into their personal records.

"No activity on a credit card or any type of bank transactions, cellphone activity would indicate that someone is not present. Not around. Not alive. Possibly," LaRose said.

LaRose says it's also possible they've changed phone numbers or moved out of state. Investigators are now looking for additional financial information on the Curriers outside of their known accounts.

Reporter Jennifer Reading: What is the likelihood that someone other than the Curriers may have been involved in their disappearance?

Capt. Brad LaRose: That's a good question. We just don't know.

Police say they need to withhold some information to preserve their investigation, especially when it comes to details about the couple's dark green Saturn sedan found abandoned a short distance from their home on June 10.

Reading: Can you at least tell me if there was evidence found in the car?

LaRose: There was.

Reading: That points to something criminal?

LaRose: I can't comment on that.

Three full-time Essex detectives and two Vt. State police investigators aren't backing down. They've executed 11 search warrants and issued three subpoenas looking for clues.

"It will always be a pursuit," LaRose said. "It won't be forgotten and I'm hoping it will be resolved in the very near future."

To date the police do not have anyone in custody and would not comment if they've identified any suspects. Police are still considering bringing in the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service for extra help.

Jennifer Reading - WCAX News

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