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Aerial view of Vt. damage

August 30, 2011

The stunning images come from the air. Vermont's quiet and tranquil villages ravaged by flash flooding.

In Arlington, where Norman Rockwell depicted Americana with his art-- destruction; homes surrounded by water, crops coming into season wiped out by water.

As we travel south, more of the same; a bigger community under water in the shadow of the Bennington Battle Monument. A war waged by Mother Nature; the rain-- buckets of rain-- too much for Vermont's rivers and streams.

As we head north, Rutland-- the same story but loss of life; a father and a son killed as they checked on the city's water system.

Mountain communities cut off from civilization... no phone, internet or power.

You can also see farms on the edge; the summer's work wiped out, heavy equipment and cows in trouble.

As we cross into Windham County we find tourist communities under water and loss of life-- a young woman swept away in the early stages of the storm.

This event is too big to show all the images... dozens of Vermont towns facing incredible challenges to keep their people safe and rebuild.

As we head north up the spine of the Green Mountains-- unthinkable images. Someone writes RIP or Rest in Peace on a bridge broken in two. And the final resting spot for Rochester residents partially destroyed-- a cemetery not spared from Irene.

The Mad River Valley has seen flooding before, but not like this. Residents, neighbors rally to stay afloat. The cleanup is endless, but they have hope they can overcome this latest natural disaster.

And in Waterbury, more of the same; a key part of the state's support system flooded, the Waterbury complex off line. Employees told to stay home.

A storm for the century-- a disaster that will test the will of its residents for some time, many living off hope of a better day.

Anson Tebbetts - WCAX News

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