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Colorful canine collars

Barre City, Vermont - October 17, 2011

When Lara Stahler and her husband, Logan, adopted their retired racing greyhound, Phoebe, they immediately fell in love. But there was one problem.

"I joke with my husband that it was harder to pick out a collar for her than it was to plan our entire wedding," Stahler said.

So she took Phoebe's fashion sense into her own hands and made her a martingale collar and matching leash.

"Loosen the collar; slip it over the dog's head so it's comfortable. When you clip a leash on and put pressure on the leash it will tighten around the dog's neck so they can't slip out of it," she explained. "I want their heads to turn. I want them to say what a beautiful collar, where did you get it?"

That need for fun, unique collars inspired Stahler to start her business, the Eclectic Hound.

"I like things that have lots of color and texture and details and patterns that make you stop and look," Stahler said.

A colorful statement that starts in Stahler's dining room, sewing together strong, comfortable and, most of all, stylish collars that dogs can't get loose from.

"The base is a 600 lb. polypropylene webbing," Stahler said. "I use polypropylene because it doesn't stretch like nylon does. It's a strong base. There's no way a dog could pull hard enough to break it, there's just no way."

From tag collars and matching leashes to even a line of booties, the Eclectic Hound has accessories any dog would be proud to wear.

"There's no reason why a dog needs to wear a ratty, old, plain, economical, nylon halter. You can have a little fun with them, too," Stahler said. "There's nothing harsh about these collars. They're super safe."

A made in Vermont statement that every dog on the block can be jealous of.

The Eclectic Hound collars come in a range of sizes and are priced around $25. Click here for more information on where to buy the collars.

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