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Hot beverage artist leaves his brand

Williston, Vermont - October 24, 2011

A morning cup of joe or tea is routine for many including Michael Hendrix. But he doesn't just drink it, he paints with it.

There's nothing accidental about Hendrix's coffee stains, he calls them "The Blend Series" -- paintings made from dipping mugs and glasses into his medium and drink of choice -- locally bought teas and coffees. "Its the best way to get circles but its also a way to integrate what you consume into your art work too," he said.

Reporter Gina Bullard: "So you're not just staining paper with some coffee cups?"

Michael Hendrix: "No, no, definitely not. There's thought involved and design is always at the forefront of my mind when I'm working with these things."

Reporter Gina Bullard: "Did you get the idea from a coffee stained napkin or something?

Michael Hendrix: "I think I did. There wasn't one eureka moment but there is something very poignant when people leave a restaurant and they're done with their wine or coffee and they're done with their time there but they leave something behind."

Hendrix fills bowls with all different types of steeped tea and coffee from Japanese green tea to Green Mountain Coffee's finest.

Each painting comes with a list of ingredients written on the back. "People use coffee as a tool and they use it to wake themselves up but they don't always think about what they're consuming. So for me its got a range of colors and tones and people never see that because they're chugging it down on their way to work," he said.

Hendrix is drawn to the circles, saying they bring out his science background. "For the science minded, they say, 'oh my god that looks like a zygote," Hendrix said. "And for the other people I hope they can appreciate the design, the balance, the relationships and forms."

Hendrix wants people to think about what they're consuming and appreciate coffee and tea for something other than a quick fix. "Vermont has a reputation for being creative and sharing things in a different way and I guess I just like to share the way I perceive things," he said.

A different way to enjoy your morning cup.

Hendrix's paintings range from 15 to 25-dollars with a frame.  He sells them on the craft website Etsy.

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