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Super Seniors: Floyd Miner

Colchester, Vermont - October 31, 2011

Floyd Miner, by his own account, is an average man with a life full of stories.  Reporter Joe Carroll continues his series of reports on older Vermonters who have no intentions of slowing down.

It's a typical day in Colchester and Floyd Miner is busy helping customers. You can find him in the plumbing and electrical section at Biben's Lakeshore Ace Hardware.

He keeps active. "I don't mind working at all, I think it's good," Miner said. He checking inventory, and keeping in check. "We have work to do, we get it done."

With his co-workers, Miner doesn't mind working at all.  In fact, he's always had a job through his long life. Miner is 81. "In order to survive today, you have to work at a later age," he said.

Marie is Miner's wife of 30  years. She and her husband are almost inseparable.
"We enjoy each others company," Marie said. She works too as a baby sitter, and both volunteer their time to many causes.

"Floyd is an awesome man, he will do anything and everything to help an individual," said a co-worker.

But Miner is no saint. "No I'm not a perfect -- don't intend to be," he added.
A practical joker all his life. "We moved one of my father's heifers upstairs to the 8th grade school building," he said.

Miner has worked at Lakeshore Hardware for over a decade -- they're known for having popcorn in the store. But what happened over 60 years ago, was no treat. Floyd was a paratrooper who jumped out of planes. His first jump was into North Korea.

Reporter Joe Carroll: "Some people call it a conflict, what do you call it?"

Floyd Miner: "It wasn't no conflict... It was a war."

For Miner it was a war and very real.  "I lost a few good buddies," he said.

Miner left the Army a Sargent, came home to Vermont and worked in a mine in Thetford, and then a farm.

But his biggest injury didn't happen in Korea. "Oh, I lost my limb in a farm accident," He said.
He was helping a friend when his leg got caught in a silo unloader -- severing it.
"They didn't think I would live the night, but I did. I fooled 'em."

Now most people don't even know he has an artificial leg, and he doesn't let it bother him.

A man with a zest for life, with a wicked laugh.

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