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Attack on Upper Valley pet goats

West Windsor - October 31, 2011

A gruesome crime in West Windsor -- two pet goats were stabbed in the throat in a family's back yard.  

Stephen Majeski returned home Saturday night from a routine shift -- he's a game warden from West Windsor.  He spotted fresh human tracks in the newly fallen snow covering his yard. "As I got close to my driveway I noticed fresh footprints in the snow going up my driveway and I knew something was wrong," he said.

He called police and when they arrived, together, they followed the footprints to his fenced-in goat pen out back.  A portion of the fence had been knocked down. "We found that they went to the barn, I looked in the barn door and I saw a lot of blood," Majeski said.

One of the goats had been apparently stabbed in the throat, but was still alive.  Another was found dead in the yard, also from an apparent knife wound to the neck.  The 3-year-old goats are family pets and Majeski's kids helped raise them. "My children are terrified.  They shouldn't have to go through something like this," he said.

And the West Windsor man believes the deadly stabbings were meant to send a message. He says there is a "history" with the family of one of his neighbors, though he wouldn't elaborate.
He's hoping that sharing this story will prevent further attacks and encourage anyone with information to come forward.  Majeski says the incident clearly meant to intimidate him, actually victimized his entire family. "if this person's goal was to terrify a 7th grade girl, he accomplished that and I hope he is happy," Majeski said.

State Police are investigating the incident, however no one was available for comment on Monday.  Majeski says he hopes whoever is responsible is brought to justice so a crime, as gruesome as this one, never happens again.

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