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Police hunting for stolen buck

Dummerston, Vermont - December 11, 2011

Police in southern Vermont are on the hunt for the thief who took an 8-point buck from a Dummerston man's yard.

"My yellow rope here -- this is the rope that was hanging the deer and it went up this limb, and my deer was hanging right here," said Timothy Forrett.

Forrett had his prized buck hanging in his front yard Friday -- partly because it was too big to fit in the garage and partly, he admits, because he wanted to show it off. "I was already dreaming about having that deer on my wall, you know," Forrett said.

The eight point buck weighed in at 177 pounds -- the biggest buck Forrett has ever hunted, and the biggest recorded at his weigh station for muzzle-loader season. "It's too bad. It makes me pretty upset to think about it -- all I have are pictures left," he said.

That's because Friday afternoon just before five o'clock, someone backed their pickup truck onto Forrett's lawn, cut the rope the deer was hanging on, and drove away.

"It was a big deer. It was just hanging there looking like bait, and apparently somebody decided they had to have it," said Vermont State Police Trooper Kurt Wagenbach.

According to State Police, the vehicle was a dark green, Chevy pickup truck, with a regular size cab -- possibly an S10 model.  They are hoping anyone who drove on Houghton Brook Road Friday may be able to help. "It's a pretty well traveled road, commuter traffic, people returning from work, so somebody may have seen something and at the time not realized that they were seeing something," Trooper Wagenbach said.

Because the deer is technically property of Forrett, police are treating the case like any other theft, but haven't yet set their sites on the punishment should the robbers be caught.
"It's difficult to determine what the actual value is because there's no receipt that comes with it," Trooper Wagenbach said.

Typically, depending on the value of the item, the crime could be a felony or a misdemeanor, but Florrett says, to him the deer was priceless. "It was a trophy buck and I'm just very upset about the situation.  It never should have happened like this," he said.

He's so upset he's even offered 1-thousand dollars cash to anyone who can help bring the buck back.

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