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Super Seniors: Sally Goodrich

Cabot, Vermont - December 16, 2011

Just off Route 2 in Cabot, there's a woman who takes care of her 120 children.

"Don't do that, don't do that, you got to be a good girl. We have company," said Sally Goodrich.

She knows each cow by name.

"This is Frosting, Uppercut, Frozen," she said.

"You really treat them like your own," said reporter Joe Carroll.

"Yeah I do!" she replied.

Sally says it matters-- a happy cow is a better milker.

"You're proud of your cows?" asked Carroll. "Oh yeah," said Goodrich.

"Why?" asked Carroll.

"Cause they're tremendous, their great, they're world recognized," replied Goodrich.

Flower was a super cow with a great capacity to produce milk. The Goodriches have sold Flowers embryos all over the world, from Brazil to Japan.

These Jersey cows are the descendents of Flower.

"Why do you farm?" asked Carroll.

"Because I think I was destined to do this," said Goodrich. 

"So were you a city girl?" asked Carroll.

"Well, St. Johnsbury if you call that a city," replied Goodrich.

She could have been a dental hygienist. While studying at UVM, a certain man from Cabot thought she would be a better farmer. He had an ulterior motive; a couple of gentlemen on campus were eager to marry Sally.

"How long have you two been married?" Carroll asked Sally's husband Walt.

"Too long!" he responsed.

They have been married for 61 years.

"I'd trade her, but you can't get nothing for her now!" he joked.

Molly Brook Farm has been in Walt's family since 1835.

"You grew up on this farm then?" asked Carroll.

"Well I never grew up, but I've been here for a while," he replied.

Walt is 83 and Sally is 81. They couldn't be more different.

"I'm an optimist, he's a lot more a pessimist... You talk a little more? You know I do!" they said back and forth.

And Walt is the king of the one-liners.

"Wow, he got a catch right there," Sally said.

"Yeah I got caught alright," said Walt.

And Sally hasn't lost her almost childlike energy for her girls.

"She's like a teenager with the cows. She does well. Don't let her know I said that," said Walt.

"I would be very happy if I could turn the clock back so I could continue another 25 years," said Sally.

Along with their son Miles, Sally and Walt keep the farm going. It's a love affair with agriculture.

"We don't go on vacations, so we are on vacation all the time," commented Sally.

It's not a life for everyone; the day is long, the pay is low and well, it's dirty. But for Sally and Walt, it's the only life they would ever choose.

"It's perfect, perfect occupation for me. Perfect!" said Sally.

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