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Robins in Winter

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We're seeing a lot of robins this winter! Is it a sign of an early spring? Actually, no. Naturalist Charlie Browne tells us that we can find some robins here every year, all through the year. But we are seeing lots of robins this year.

"It's a big winter for robins, and they're here every winter, but this winter particularly they're here, we've had lot of open ground for most of the season, and we also have an incredible supply of wild fruits and berries for them this year."

"A lot of people think if they see a robin, it means spring is here! That's not the case."

"That's wishful thinking, but it's not the case. There are robins here every year, in the winter, in favorable locations around the state. And those favorable locations are places where there may be open ground where there may be available water, even little patches near springs, creeks and seeps, and the soil."

You will also find them in places where there is wild fruit. We think of robins as being worm eaters, which they are in the spring. But in the winter, their primary food is wild fruits.

"Especially small fruits like cherries, plums and crab apples, even the sumac that we talked about before. And also holly trees, so a lot of ornamental plants have fruits that the robins will feed on as well. They really don't like deep snow, but they will be here all winter long, as long as there's food."

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