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Graphic art graced with humor

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Everyone has a different image that pops into their head when they think about New England. One artist is taking those visions and putting them on paper with his Made in Vermont illustrations.

It's in hunting the roads of  Vermont and finding moments like this that inspire Shawn Braley to draw. "Its my life-long love of living in Vermont. It's growing up with family members who have big farms.  It's just kind of my passion," he said.

A passion that led him to start his business, New England Illustrated, three years ago. The self-taught artist has been published in newspapers magazines and books. He also did the illustration for the 2010 Tunbridge World's Fair. But he might be proudest of his latest collection of iconic country life.

Braley uses a mixture of mediums -- pen, ink, watercolor and colored pencils.  From his original art work made in his Wilder home studio, Braley creates cards, prints -- and soon calendars. "I cant remember a time where I wasn't drawing -- it just seemed so natural, just seems to be something I gravitated for and it just flows -- comes very naturally to me," he said. "Its just completely fun -- there's no pressure."

Although drawing is his passion, it isn't Braley's full time job -- he's a graphic artist. Fitting.

"This is just at my own pace when I come up with an idea very organically it could take three months to do a new image or three weeks -- you never know," he said.

The illustrations are quirky and sometimes comical. His best seller -- 'Curiosity Filled the Cat.'

I'm fond of 'So Vane' and 'Town Meeting Day.'  

"I'm a humorous guy. I have a good sense of humor so that comes out naturally," Braley said.

A natural fit -- drawing inspiration from the state he loves.

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