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Fraternity brothers raise funds


      It's not uncommon to see a rowdy group of fraternity brothers out on a Friday night -- but this weekend the hollering, camaraderie and late night hours are paying off. "Its really nice with a lot of stigmas going around to set a new precedent for fraternities and Greek life in general" said Kappa Sigma Sophomore, Dan Neill.

      The UVM Kappa Sigma house stopped traffic all of Friday and Saturday, collecting donations for the Fisher house, which provides places for wounded veteran's families to stay. "Say a veteran needs to stay in a VA hospital and they can't afford to have their families to be down there with them, the fisher house provides lodging for them essentially," Vice President Kyle DeVivo said.

      The event lasted well into Friday evening and continued into Saturday for a full 26 hour period. Freshman Max Maltby says he's only slept for three hours but that adrenaline has kept him going. The brothers stayed out in the 30 degree weather all night long, "Its rough, lots of layers and trips inside help," Neill said. Kyle DeVivo says it's the least they can do -- since he says he can't imagine the strength it takes to fight abroad. "If this is the most I can do if I can help their families and make sure they know when they come back that they're welcomed with open arms and that we're there supporting them, I feel good about that," DeVivo said.

      DeVivo's two grandparents are proud veterans, along with his cousin, a marine in Iraq. "When the war began in Iraq he was clearing buildings in Iraq so that was a difficult time knowing he was over there doing that so its important that we're out here," he said.

      Their goal is a lofty one -- 10,000 dollars. More than double last year's take. We made 1,000 first year, 2,000 second year and 4,500 last year so we've never not doubled it and we're going for that again this year with the 10,000," DeVivo said. "Mostly backed up traffic is our biggest key, but big smiles big waves once they see the sign, they see the flag, hear its for troops people like to donate so its really good," Neill added.

     It's an opportunity for boys to be boys, doing some good at the same time. Hoping to squash the stereotypes of how these fraternity brothers like to spend their weekend nights.  

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