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New flower varieties

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It looks like there are a lot of beautiful varieties for this year's garden! Yes, many public gardens have display gardens where they show off the new varieties for the coming year, so you can go there and get some great ideas!

Here are some from the Daniel Seguin Garden in Quebec. These are some agastaches. Agastaches usually get tall, about two feet or so, and are beautiful plants. But here are some dwarf varieties. One's called 'Peach Margarita' which has beautiful peach colored flowers. The one right next to it is called 'Lavender Martini'!

Here's a plant called Angelonia, reminds me of my mama, Angela! Angelonia is a great annual flower good for containers or in the garden. This plant tends to get really tall and leggy when you're planting the traditional angelonia varieties, but here are some new ones. The archangel series features pink, white and raspberry colored varieties right in a row. The plants stay nice and squat and the flowers stay really clustered around the stem, so you can have a nice colored look in the flower garden and not have the plant get all rangy.

There are some other unusual plants that may not be new, but are fun to grow. One of them is called Cerinthe. It's actually related to the borage plant and you can kind of see that with the leaves. It has a blue green leaf that flops over like a borage plant. It also has purple flowers that bees really like. This one stays a little shorter than usual.

And of course a lot of people like to grow rudbeckias or black eyed Susan. Most people think of back eyed Susans as those beautiful daisies with yellow petals, but there's one called 'Cherry Brandy' that has a burgundy-colored flower petals. It has the same growth habit as many of the other black eyed Susans, but this one adds a little red color to your garden.

I think my next garden need bunny tails in it! Bunny Tails is a sweet little plant. It's a low growing grass that sends up these flowers that look like a celosia, but when you touch them the flower is soft as a bunnies tail! It's the cutest thing in the world! 

And the last one is Jewels of Opar. It sounds very regal and the Jewels of Opar is a plant that have been around awhile. This variety is called 'Limon'. It has more of a lemon colored leaf to it and a flower stalk that has these beautiful red, little balls on them, like jewels, that can really decorate a garden!

By Charlie Nardozzi

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