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Super Senior: Blanche Lamore

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CABOT, Vt. -

One small house holds a vast knowledge of Cabot history. In fact, 99 years of it.

"That's me," Blanche Lamore said, looking at a picture.

The photos may be in black and white, but Blanche's life has been very colorful. The Cabot native has always worked, everything from milking cows, housekeeping to even trapping.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Were you a tomboy?

Blanche Lamore: Well, I guess so. I liked doing things outdoors.

But she gave of herself, too. Life was much simpler when she was young; neighbor helping neighbor, something Blanche continues to do.

"Well, it used to be that you really depended on your neighbors. Maybe it was because we didn't have many other things to do," she said.

At every funeral she supplies the refreshments, even when she doesn't know the departed.

Joe Carroll: What will you be doing?

Blanche Lamore: Handing out ballots.

Today is the annual Town Meeting and Blanche isn't just going to participate, she's got a job to do; she's a justice of the peace and a poll watcher. She's catching a ride with the town clerk for the short ride into the village.

Her son, Morris Lamore, says Blanche looks forward to Town Meeting.

"Having something to do and be part of the community, been so, so important to her," he said.

Blanche is believed to be the oldest resident of this town of 1,200. She'll be 100 in May.

Town Meeting, of course, is democracy in action. And after a long winter, this is when neighbors meet to catch up on things.

The residents of Cabot know how important Blanche has been to them. They honored her at Town Meeting with a Certificate of Achievement from the secretary of state for Blanche's almost 50 years of service.

"I've enjoyed doing all these things," Blanche said. "I like to be busy and I thank everybody."

Her appreciation for her hometown is very much real. As she says, you make yourself happy by helping out where you can.

Joe Carroll: Do you think you are a special person?

Blanche Lamore: No, just an everyday person.

Carroll: Who's done a lot.

To be sure, Blanche is slowing down, but for the residents of Cabot she is an inspiration of what Vermonter's strive for-- a truly independent spirit.

Back at the Lamore house, Blanche's son, Morris, shows how tall the tree has grown since his mom and dad moved here back in the 1930s. It's a gauge of how long Blanche has lived in this community. What can't be seen are the countless lives she has touched.

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