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Pansies and a hot spring

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Pansies are tough little plants! And it's time to plant them, With all of this warm weather we've had, pansies are out there for sale and you can plant them now. Even if it gets cold, they'll take temperatures down into the 20Fs and they'll still be flowering!

Even though it's been really warm this week, it may not last that long, so it could be turning a little bit colder. Certainly we've had snow in April before, but not to worry.

With pansies, plant them in containers and the key thing is when we get those cooler temperatures, nights down in the 30Fs again, you want to feed them a bit because the leaves might get a little yellow. And the best fertilizer solution is worm poop tea!

I love the worm poop tea!  You just spritz it on the leaves, it doesn't smell, and the leaves will take the nutrients right down into the plant roots so it stays healthy even when it's cold and the plant normally doesn't take up nutrients well.

If you've got other plants blooming in your yard such as forsythia, daffodils or crocuses, you may need to worry. You might lose some of those flowers, and you might even lose some of those leaves if we get a real cold frost. The leaves will regrow again and the plant will survive and regrow the leaves.

You can plant other plants beside pansies too if have a raised bed. Sow a little lettuce, spinach or radish seeds especially if the soil is well drained and you can get a jump start on the season and an early crop.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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