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Did murder suspect Allen Prue target a teen online?

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Vermont State police guard the home of suspected killers Allen and Patricia Prue. One day after the Waterford couple was jailed for the alleged murder of Melissa Jenkins, state prosecutors were on scene. What they were looking for remains a mystery, but they paid close attention to a dilapidated shed, camper and truck on the property.

"It's terrible, it's tragic, it's awful," Ann Champney said.

Just up the road, Ann Champney is still in shock. She says the murder of the popular high school teacher and mom hits too close to home, and not just because they're neighbors.

"This is how it started," Champney said. "He wrote to her, 'Hey how are you doing?' And she wrote, 'Do I know you?'"

Champney says last November, Allen Prue began pursuing her teenage daughter online, sending her Facebook messages and pestering her to hang out.

"'Hey, we don't know each other but my name is Allen. How are you doing?' Again, he still tried it. And then she wrote, 'Don't write me again. I don't know you and I don't care to. You wrote me before. Just stop,'" Champney said.

The messages stopped just before Christmas. They never reported the harassment to police. Allen and Patricia Prue have no criminal records. But in the wake of the Jenkins' murder, Champney says she's haunted by what could have happened.

"It really is scary," Champney said. "And I feel terrible for saying I'm so glad it wasn't my daughter, but I feel terrible that it was their daughter."

"Oftentimes people have histories that have yet to be detected and we find them out later," said Tom Powell, a criminal psychologist.

Powell says it's rare for someone with no criminal history to escalate to murder.

Powell said, "He may have engaged in any variety of behaviors behind closed doors that ramped him up for this moment."

Including harassing women online. This mom now believes Prue is a predator and says if he targeted her daughter, there could be others.

"Any 30-year-old man who would look on somebody's Facebook and know that this is a teenage girl and try to pursue her anyway is kind of creepy," Champney said.

Ann Champney hopes sharing her daughter's story will serve as a warning for other parents.

Allen and Patricia Prue pleaded not guilty Wednesday to second-degree murder charges.

Patricia Prue denies knowing anything about Jenkins' death.

Police have not answered any questions from the media and Thursday state prosecutors declined comment because of the charges pending against the Prues.

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