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Edging the garden

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Spring is a good time of year to edge your perennial garden, around your trees, and around your annual flower gardens. There are lots of different ways to do it.

The easiest, simplest, way that does take some effort is to take a flat spade and literally just cut down straight down into the soil around where the edge of the bed is. What you are trying to do is create a two to three inch thick wall there so that the grass and weeds can't jump over it into your bed. This is a good way to keep weeds and grass out of your bed. You can do that all the way around the bed and it will give the bed a clean, manicured look. Or you could get a little more creative.

You can use tools such as the "Steppin Edge." To use this tool, simply do a heel-to-toe motion on the step and you go down and cut the edge of the bed as you walk along. It's good for beds, walkways and right along the edge of a driveway.

Now if you are really lazy, you can use fake mulch. This is a rubberized product made from recycled tires and you literally just lay it along the edge. No cutting involved. Because it's made out of tires, nothing is going to grow through it for sure, but it lets water through. The color and texture kind of blends in with regular mulch. Or you could scatter some regular mulch over the top, just lightly, to dress it up.

It will keep the weeds and the grass from creeping in, because that is really the reason for edging, not just the looks, but keeping those weeds and grass out, so you can spend your summer enjoying your garden and not working hard at the edge of it.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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