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Exploring ponds

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Ponding! Some of us never outgrow the desire to muck around in ponds and puddles! We caught up with Amy Butler, she's nature center educator at the North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier, and she showed us it's a great way to get kids outside and having fun.

"So we are looking for frog eggs!"


"Something children love to do and my guess is that most adults, one of their favorite childhood memories is looking for frogs, looking for frog eggs, snakes, anything in a wet, gooey, fun area such as this little puddle right here in this cattail swamp."

"There are some eggs right there!"

"What kind of eggs are these?"

"These are wood frog eggs, they're one of the earliest frogs to come out and they come here and lay their eggs."

"And some of them have hatched already? I saw something wiggling down there."

"I'm sure some of them have hatched."

"So when kids come, they love finding stuff like this."

"Oh they do, and this is so fascinating for a child to come into an area like this and find some gooey mass with little black things and white things, and the questions start exploding all over the place. And it's not so necessary that we know the answers to all those questions but that we can keep guiding them through the experience by finding more things to look at and even have some tools for collecting some of these items."

"And you can always look them up later."

"Yes, you can look them up later if you want to. Yes, and also ...oops, there's one that has hatched right there, .. also this opportunity here in the pond with living things gives a really, really strong experience for children to learn stewardship, and caring for our environment and living things."

 And it's fun! Most of us never really outgrow it!"

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