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Final farewell for The Hot Dog Lady

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It's lunch time at Starr Farm Nursing Center in Burlington.

"People are hungry, they love hotdogs."

Especially when they are served up by Louis Bodoky known as the hot dog lady

Bodoky earned her nickname for her hot dog stand on Church Street she had for over three decades.

She retired in 2005. But came back Friday for one last lunch service after recovering from a hip injury at the nursing center.

Lois is off to California to live with her daughter.

"At 90 years of age you don't really continuing selling hotdogs...those days are over""

And although the famous beehive hairdo might be gone, she still has the cat-eye glasses and a passion for her food.

"She brought more to the community than just hotdogs.  It was her friendliness, her beliefs, her constitution," says Debbie Parow, Lois' friend.

So just how many hot dogs has Lois served up over the years? Don't ask --

"Then you would go into macys and ask how many shirts you sold today? What would they tell you? Get lost!"

Gina Bullard: "Make me a hotdog I'm not going to forget, mustard, ketchup, sour kraut, chilli cheese...."

Lois:  "Taste test, here we go..."

Gina:  "That's a good hotdog!"

Lois: "Wonderfu,l loaded with all the junk."

Gina: "It's messy, but it's good."

Lois:  "That's what makes them good"

Plus it's seasoned with love and served with a smile.

Gina Bullard Chan3 News Burlington.

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