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Peony care

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Soon we'll have peony flowers on our bushes, but there are some things you have to do now to make sure you get these nice big flowers and they don't end up on the ground. These heavy flowers need some support. So there are a couple of different things you can use to support your peonies. You can use an old tomato cage, grow-thru supports (the peony foliage grows up through them and then hides the cage), or home made wire cages. The wire cages are best to use when the bush is large and you forgot to use the other supports. Just wrap it around the bush to hold up the flowers. 

If you want those big peony flowers, the kind you cut and float in a shallow bowl of water on the dining room table, you need to de-bud them. This is a little counter intuitive!

The main central bud in a cluster is called the king bud. To get a larger king bud, snip off the side buds. You'll have fewer flowers, but larger ones.

A problem you might find with peonies is botrytis blight. That's when the peony flower doesn't open up at all and just dries up and drops. It's usually due to cool, rainy weather and humid conditions. You can spray the organic fungicide, Serenade, on peonies now and whenever you have those conditions happening. If you spray a couple of times when they're still in the bud stage, hopefully you'll prevent the botrytis blight from happening.

By Charlie Nardozzi



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