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What's Cooking: Steak Grilling Tips

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Summer is just around the corner and that means many of you are probably thinking of firing up that grill for months.

And our friends at Texas Roadhouse are here with some tips -- and a recipe -- for steak. Joining me are John Strout and Jonnaca Bushey.


Texas Roadhouse Steak Medallions




1 pound Filet Mignon

2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil

Course Salt and Pepper


§ Spray your Grill with cooking oil

§ Allow the Grill to reach medium high heat (approximately 4-5 minutes)

§ Slice medallions approximately 1 inch thick

§ Cover with ample ground course salt and pepper

§ Place filets onto Grill -- DO NOT DISTURB them for 3 minutes

§ Lift with tongs and flip

§ Wait another 2-3 minutes

§ Rotate 45 degrees, and cook for another 2 minutes

§ Flip again to complete the grill marks, and cook another 1-2 minutes

§ Remove them from the Grill while there is still a faint pink line in the center

§ Cooking time approximately 5-6 minutes total




1. Buy the best grade of meat you can afford.

2. Learn the types of cuts and which you prefer. Ribeye - Cut from the middle (or "eye") of the rib this boneless cut has a more robust flavor. Sometimes called the "cowboy cut.". Has most marbling (interior fat) making it the tastiest and most tender; prime rib is a ribeye. Serve medium to medium-rare.

3. Look for steaks with fine texture and firm to the touch.

4. You want the color to be a light cherry red color, not deep red -- stay away from gray meat.

5. Look for a steak that has marbling. It is the thin threads of fat running through the meat that makes it Prime and gives it that incredible flavor.

6. If chuck or round is in the name of the steak, it will need to be marinated and then slowly cooked in liquid to be tender. These are generally very lean cuts with lots of muscle fiber that need to be broken down with slow, long, moist heat. Don't even think of throwing a chuck steak on the grill.

7. Recommended to buy meat from the butcher counter, but if you do buy packaged meat, stay away from any with excessive moisture, tears or that are past their sell by date.

8. Allow at least 4 oz. of steak per serving - double or triple that for hungry eaters, or if the steak contains a bone.


Steak Buying Tips

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