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Growing currants

What if I told you there was a bush that grew in part shade, you only need one of them to get fruit, it grows in heavy clay soil and it's hardy to zone three? It's the currant! Few people grow currents in this country, but they are really popular in Europe! You see juice, jams and jellies all over the place!

There are three different kinds of currants you can grow, white or a pink currant, red currant, or a black currant. 'Pink Champagne' is a white currant and my favorite! They have a beautiful pink blush to them and they taste like little bits of champagne popping in your mouth! The key with harvesting these is to let them color up for a couple of weeks before you actually harvest them. Then they get even sweeter!

They're really easy to take care of. Give them some compost in the spring, mulch them really well, and just keep them well watered. For the white and red ones use them for fresh eating and jams, the black ones are good for making a juice or making Cassis, a french liquor.

Currants have very few problems, but we do see one problem here. It has aphids. You can see how their feeding has curled up the leaves. A simple spray for them would be using an insecticidal soap or spinosad. Just spray underneath the leaves and that will kill those aphids and your bush will just keep on growing.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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