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Thieves snatch hundreds of David Hasselhoff ads

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Who knew that the combination of Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and a contract with Cumberland Farms to sell "Iced-Hoffee" would turn regular customers into criminals?

"Male in his 60s, but looks no older than his 30s, with lovely golden waves of hair and piercing blue eyes recently went missing from two locations," Burlington Police Ofc. Kim Shelley said.

Thieves hit both Cumberland Farms in Burlington this month, swiping big cutouts of the aging heartthrob from light poles outside the stores.

One of the stores had one left and brought it out of hiding so we could see.

Reporter Kristin Kelly: What is it about the Hoff that would make somebody want to break the law?

Ofc. Kim Shelley: You know, for many decades I think the Hoff has had an amazing ability to just wow people... I think he just wins people over and they can't think clearly when they see the Hoff.

"He's doin' all right for his age. He's probably the king of Botox to look that good," said Lindsay Aikey of Williston.

And it turns out that Vermont thieves are not the only ones hot for the Hoff. Cumberland Farms says of the more than 500 cutouts at stores across the country, only 20 are left.

Not everyone's a fan though.

"I can't imagine," laughed Tony Bell of Burlington. "I don't want it!"

Cumberland Farms released a statement saying, "We take customers' fondness for the ad as a compliment."

Hasselhoff himself is surprised by the thefts, even telling Boston TV station WHDH that at first he was confused by the reports: "The first thing I thought was I'm in trouble. And then I said, 'Oh good, they're not accusing me of stealing. They're accusing people of stealing me,'" Hasselhoff said.

As for Burlington Police, they're working to bring the Hoff back safely.

"I myself would like to have a life-sized Hoff in my home. But it's still a crime," Shelley said.

Cumberland Farms is ordering enough new Hoff cutouts to replace all the stolen ones.

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