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Super Senior: Gert Hodge

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Gert Hodge has a lot of stuff. And if Gert's life could be summed up in a book title, this would be it.

"And here's the book, 'It's Here Somewhere,'" she said.

Somewhere is Topsham where she sells... well, everything.

"All kinds of old metal!" Gert said. "These cookbooks sell wonderful, men and woman both buy cookbooks."

She's always active, always honest.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You know, some people would call this junk. What would you call it?

Gert Hodge: Junk! My junk is somebody else's treasures.

Her house is a treasure trove, but much of the time she's at various flea markets. When she's not home, there's an honor system: Just drop off the cash near the door.

"It says money basket, thank you. You take it down, look inside and see if there is any money in it!" she explained.

The 93-year-old is always busy.

Joe Carroll: Are you always on the road?

Gert Hodge: Oh, sure. If I'm doing this, I'm doing a lot of other things.

Like working for the AARP. She's been traveling to the Statehouse for decades.

"In the wintertime I spend two to three days a week at the Legislature as a lobbyist," Gert said.

She's on many boards, all dealing with helping the elderly.

"I enjoyed every minute of my life 'cause I don't know what I'm going to from one minute to the next," she said.

She grew up in upstate New York. At the age of 21 she came to teach at a bible school here in Topsham. There, she met George. A year later they were married. She's been here ever since.

Joe Carroll: So you enjoy walking?

Gert Hodge: Oh, sure! Get a little old, can't walk, run anymore.

She also gets around another way.

Joe Carroll: You still drive?

Gert Hodge: Absolutely.

Gert's on the road almost every day. If you think her house is jampacked, wait until you see her car.

Joe Carroll: Do you dare open up that car or will everything fall out?

Gert Hodge: Oh, it won't fall out... much.

She says everything is organized for the next flea market: "Oh yeah, there's a lot of stuff."

And there has to be for all the different tastes of customers. No room for any passengers. She travels throughout Orange and Washington counties and even New Hampshire, selling her wares.

"She's quite the lady," neighbor Judson Peck said. "She gets around. It's amazing how healthy and full of life she is and she runs the roads more than I do probably."

George passed away over a decade ago. They raised five children. The deeply religious woman says God isn't done with her yet.

"That's probably what keeps me going. Because I have a deep inner faith that the Lord is there and he's taking care of me," Gert said.

She doesn't want to be known only as the woman who sells things, but as somebody who's truly helped others.

Joe Carroll: Are you an inspiration?

Gert Hodge: I hope so. I would be disappointed if I wasn't.

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