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Donovan cries foul over super PAC ad supporting Sorrell

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Super PACs have made their way into the attorney general's race in support of Bill Sorrell. But his opponent, T.J. Donovan, is crying foul.

Donovan held a news conference Friday asking Sorrell to stand up and renounce an advertisement from a group called Committee on Fairness and Justice. Sorrell says he won't ask them to take the ad down and that the advertisement is perfectly legal and independent of his campaign.

The group plans to run 200 slots on Channel 3 over the next two weeks until primary day.

Last month, Sorrell said he will not enforce Vermont's campaign finance law which caps support from independent PACs at $2,000 because it could end in a lawsuit impossible to defend.

But Donovan says since Sorrell has spoken out against big money in politics, he should stand up and renounce support from the group.

"By his own quote he's concerned about the corrosive nature of money in politics as a result of super PACs. He should demand it be taken down. This group is associated with the Democratic Attorneys General Association which he is a member of," Donovan said.

"I haven't seen the ad, but from what I'm told this is a positive ad about me. It's not a negative ad against my opponent. I appreciate an ad that says the truth about my record of accomplishments," Sorrell said.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association contributed $6,000 to Sorrell's campaign.

Sorrell and Donovan are both Democratic candidates for AG. The winner of the Democratic primary will face Republican Jack McMullen in the general election.

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