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Perennials for Wet Areas

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You really can get so much color in an area that's really pretty wet. Late summer is often a hard time of year to get color in a perennial garden, especially around a pond or a stream. But there are some great choices that you can use in your garden to really brighten it up.

The red flower that you see is really a gorgeous one, that's Lobelia cardinalis or the cardinal flower. It looks like a cardinal, it is bright, bright red. It grows producing those spikes of red flowers up about 3 to 4-feet tall. It's just gorgeous right into the late fall.

The one right next to it is the blue version of the lobelia. This one's called Lobelia siphilitica or the Great Blue lobelia. It has a similar kind of flower, but a little bit shorter in stature, but it's another one that is a nice complement in the garden.

Another great wetland garden plant is Joe Pye weed or Eupatoria. This variety has more of a lavender-colored flower to it. Again, a nice, tall perennial in the late summer garden and it spreads throughout the garden. If you are looking for a dwarf version of Eupatoria, there's a variety called "Little Joe" that only gets 3 to 4-feet tall.

If you just want to have some fun with some airy flowers near your pond, try some of the fall Anemones. These have nice, white flowers that kind of dance about the foliage and they've got these pink throats to them. These last a long time into the fall right up until frost a lot of times. So these plants are a great way to really mix and match some color in spots you normally wouldn't think of having color, especially if it's a wet area.

~Charlie Nardozzi

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